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Critters at Rincon

Dolphins for a Swim, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

A most delightful part of travel is that of observing animals in the wild. Every day while we were in Rincon I watched as dolphins moved up and down the Pacific Coast. Friendly mammals, they often swim close to the surfers, and are even known to nudge up against them.

Once as I was on the walkway along the beach, as I looked out over the water, I thought I saw the head of a seal, pop up, look around, then duck beneath the waves. A gentleman stood near, and I remarked that I thought I had seen a seal.

“Yep, there’s one out there. Been in and out of this area for several days. When he comes in here, my fishing drops to nothing.”

A Snack from the Fire Ring by you.
Tearing in and out of the boulders that rise from the sea at this location are ground squirrels. I watched this one as he scratched around in the fire ring just outside the door of our RV.
"God we thank you for this food..." by you.
The food from the fire ring seemed to be insufficient, for he moved then to the vegetation that grows among the rocks, and picked a fine morsel. First, though, it appears he paused. “Lord, we thank you for this food.” Well, I’m not sure that’s what he was saying, and I know he didn’t have his eyes closed, but I was close by, and you were not, and I insist I felt a little bit of gratefulness emanating from this little critter.  (You’re forced to indulge me, you know, unless you just click out of here, and I’m sure you wouldn’t do that. )
Having properly offered thanks, my ground squirrel poked the food into his ready mouth. Ever watched one of these cute critters up close? It’s hilarious; their mouths jaw so fast it looks as wild and jerky as a film that’s being “fast-forwarded.”
They’re very pretty animals.
Noon Meal for Ground Squirrel by you.
We’ve made it to our destination and have our rig set up at the Santa Maria Fairgrounds. Camp begins on Monday. In the meantime, we’re lolling about, walking a bit and visiting with others who have arrived early. By Monday, this place will be roaring. Now, it’s quiet…and cool…58 degrees when I arose this morning.
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