How Sweet The Sound Finale Winners

It was only last year that I learned of the Verizon How Sweet the Sound search for the best church choir, and, with great interest, I have followed it ever since. To a sold out crowd, the finale was held in Washington D. C. on November 13. The National Final Winner was Greater Zion Church Family of the Los Angeles area and the runner up was Greater First Church of Chicago. The people’s choice, though, was a men’s group from Washington D. C, Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, being the name of their church. They call themselves the Men of Valor.

The group is awesome, and I believe you will enjoy hearing and seeing them. Their presentation, though passionate, is tasteful and contained, their sound smooth and lyrical. It is interesting to me that there is one lone Caucasian in the group. What joy he must achieve by singing with this (other than himself) all black men’s group. Another person I want to point out, is the quite bent, elderly gentleman on our far right.. I am so touched when I watch him sing, surely offering up worship to the Lord. One more thing; I love their bow ties. 🙂