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Be Gone, Ye Thanksgiving Boxes!

Happy Thanksgiving Greeting, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Yesterday I spoke of our success in accumulating lots of food and a large amount of cash to buy turkeys and hams, but of our concerns about finding people to whom we could distribute our gifts. I should not have worried–by 12:30 today we had given away all 21 of our boxes!

The boxes turned out beautifully: Each contained staples, bread, oranges, bananas, celery, potatoes and a ham. Of course we tucked in a Thanksgiving flyer and a church card.

Was Mike’s old Volkswagen van not the most charming of vehicles in which to make our deliveries. He loves that old thing, backed it right up to the doors, and he, Jerry and Darin Craig (who owns Craig’s Plumbing and the Tiger Trenching building, and who so graciously lets us use it for nothing!) loaded the boxes into the Vdub. They put 3 boxes in our car, and Brandon took a couple. Jerry went to make a hospital call and to deliver his 3 boxes, Brandon took off with his, and I jumped in the car with Janey and we followed Mike to the Shakespeare, a sort of residential hotel.

We had spoken with the owner who graciously directed us to those who were in need.

Through delivering his boxes, Brandon helped at the Shakespeare.

“Good people live here,” the owner told us. “They’re just down at the moment and living a bit on the edge.”

This gentleman, whose name I do not know, graciously received our offering. I hope he feels our love, and that our simple box of food, and an invitation to church, will help as he maneuvers his way through this complicated space called life.

Great news! About an hour ago, Robert called. He lives at the Havasu Motel where Mike had stopped and given out a couple of boxes. Robert had received one and wants a ride to church tomorrow.

“8:30,” I told him. “Someone will be there to pick you up between 8:30 and 8:45 in the morning.”



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