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An Anniversary

It snowed, they say, that day in the deep south state of Louisiana when he was born. Now, here he is today 82 years old. Gerald Buxton, my hubby.


We planned a simple day–some last minute shopping for our big trip that is just days away now, a stop at the pharmacy, a little business at the bank, and a run by Costco for fuel and for treats for Winston. Throughout the day our children called to wish him a happy day, as did several of the grandchildren

“I’m taking you out for dinner for your birthday,” I had told him previously and he decided on the Cheesecake Factory where he would order their Jambalya. But as the day wore on, and we were miles away from the designated restaurant, he talked himself into settling for Cocos which was much closer to home and where he would order the Oriental Chicken Salad. As we entered the restaurant, we both stared at the bountiful, beautiful pies in the glass case, and I said, “We could take one of those home for your birthday.” But through the meal as we ate our delicious food, we decided I would whip up a coconut cream pie at home.

I did.


Winston whimpered. . .

Image. . .and because it was a party . . .


. . . and because that little pup is spoiled . . . rotten, I tell you.


Anyway, it’s Jerry’s birthday, and I cannot imagine my life without him . . .so, I’m wishing lots more pies and cakes. Many more celebrations–rare, elaborate, or simple. But there.


My Family

Jerry’s Happy Birthday

Today is Jerry’s birthday and he’s already had one great birthday party. Last Sunday we drove to our Crestline home, and on Tuesday, Rebecca put together a lovely dinner, complete with party hats and noise-makers. The best part though were the people. Our dear friends the Patrick Garretts joined for the celebration, as did Sherry.  Patrick cooked a couple of mean Tri-Tip roasts, and Rebecca made all the side dishes.

The three boys were definitely into the party mode.

The grand finale was a choice between carrot cake and sour-cream apple pie; Jerry chose the pie, his favorite kind.

Today is actually Jerry’s birthday…and at 6:00 we’ll be off to Mike and Mel’s where they are preparing a Cajun Boil to celebrate. I’ll let you know how it all develops.

In the meantime, happy birthday to my sweet hubby.

You might enjoy reading a little of Jerry’s history that I wrote on his birthday post last year.