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Burros and God’s People

Summer road trip. Day 23, Friday, June 24, 2011

I love God’s people. Here in Safford today, they are working hard at a fund-raiser, making burros. (Derek at Yelp says, “Burro was the old original term for a burrito…somewhere along the way it got switched.  I think they still say Burro in some parts of Texas.” )

When I stood by her to watch this morning, she said, “I’ve been making these for years.” God bless those aged hands as they work for the Kingdom of God. God bless this precious, faithful saint of God, Sister Betty.

All ages are working together. Collen prepares to make deliveries. She and Aubrey went about town yesterday taking orders.

Brother David Staten works on the order list.

Pastor’s wife keeps cooking.

…as does this precious Sister Sylvia. (Except that she just took a break and brought four fat burros to our motor home. We ordered medium; they’re hot…but delicious.)

Another precious man of God is in the mix. Brother Hammond is his name.

A few children sat at a long table with Pastor Keyes. I chose one of them for my picture of the day and have posted it on my photography blog. She is a charming little girl. Don’t fail to take a look at her.

God’s faithful people: I love YOU.