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…”Very Merry Christmas Now”…”Miracle”

Breaking news says they have been found!

Earlier today I heard interviewed both the mother and the grandmother of the children who, along with their father, had been missing since Sunday in snowy, rugged terrain in northern California. I could hear the terror in the mother’s voice this morning as she told of her family venturing into the woods to cut down a Christmas tree.

Rescue search teams today were frantically racing time. Another powerful storm was bearing down on the area, and the family had already been missing for four days.

Then a few hours ago as heavy snow began to fall:

A California Highway Patrol helicopter crew spotted Dominguez atop a small bridge and landed nearby, sinking into 2 feet of snow, flight officer David White said. The family had taken shelter in a culvert beneath the bridge and stomped “help” in the snow, White said.

The miracle part:

All four were walking, talking and drinking hot chocolate while being checked at Feather River Hospital for dehydration, hypothermia and frostbite, treating physician Kurt Bower said. He expected them to be released later in the day.

Bower said the family had some water but nothing to eat during their ordeal.

“I’m surprised how good they are,” he said. “There’s a miracle from God in there somewhere.”

The very merry Christmas part:

“Our hearts are all full right now,” said Cory Stahl, who closed his pest control business so his employees could help look for the father, Frederick Dominguez, their co-worker. “It’s a very merry Christmas now.”

There are tidings of great joy in the world tonight, a big chunk is in Paradise, California and surrounds the family of Frederick Dominguez.

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