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Jerry’s Birthday

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Because he has been so sick–housebound for four weeks, except for our trips to the doctor–we knew the celebration of Jerry’s birth today would be a simple one. We hadn’t heard that any of the children would be able to be here . . when on Monday as I returned from the post office, Jerry handed me his phone. Steve was on the line, and within the hour he and Dearrah would be coming to visit, and would spend the night!

As I scurried about the kitchen and had decided to cook a ham that was in my refrigerator, Steve called again. “Don’t worry about food. We’re bringing steaks.” Within a couple of hours he and Dearrah had arrived as had also Rebecca and Nathaniel, as had also 6 untitled (2 of 16)of the thickest steaks I ever saw, cards, and a huge cake. We had a feast. Steve and Nathaniel cleared off the back deck grill where it had recently been covered with snow, Steve prepped the steaks, then grilled them, Rebecca peeled potatoes, Dearrah set the table, I made a salad and soon we sat down to feast.untitled (3 of 16)

Rebecca taped her gift onto the lamp where Jerry sat so he could be encouraged.untitled (7 of 16)

Jerry was so touched by the surprise celebration he was crying. It was a wonderful visit. Rebecca and Nate stayed until around 9:00 in the evening, untitled (8 of 16)and Steve and Dearrah didn’t go home until 2:00 this afternoon. While Christmas and Thanksgiving family gatherings are wonderful, we cook and clean and feel such pressure, not always do we get to just enjoy each others presence. There is something precious about quiet hours of talking and remembering with no rushing about, no pressure: Priceless, unforgettable moments. Those are the kinds of hours untitled (12 of 16)we spent today. Simple food, toast, a bowl of cereal, a bite of cold steak, a sliver of cake. Nothing pressed us, except our love and affection for each other.

And then Steve prayed for his dad. Dearrah and I joined, and then they were gone.

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