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Uh, How About a Little Common Sense, Folks?

The little boy was so excited about his camping apparatus that he took it to school, carried it in his hot little fist to his class–a first grade class. Bam! He was removed from school under a zero tolerance rule that allowed for no weapons 9_62_a320of any kind. Likely sentence? 45 days in an alternative school for unruly youngsters. His weapon? His offense? The possession and display of a folding knife, spoon and fork with which he planned to eat lunch. Silly, just silly.

Wisely, now the seven-member Christiana school board have reversed themselves and are  allowing Zachary back in his regular class.

Things have not ended so well, though, for Maxi Sopo, a 26 year old resident of the Cameroons, a fugitive, who had run to Mexico. He was kicking back on the beaches of Cancun during the daytime, then prancing around in the clubs at night.

Enter the lack of common sense: On his Facebook account, he talked extensively about how much fun he was having, then added a former s-FACEBOOK-BUST-MAXI-SOPO-largeJustice department official as a friend. Wham! He was arrested, is in jail in Mexico City, awaiting now extradition to the United States on bank fraud charges. It is reported that he and a friend illegally obtained more than $200,000 from Seattle-area banks and credit unions.

I strongly suspect his charges will not be so quickly reversed as were those of little Zachary.


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Found on Facebook; Son Missing 27 Years

Gavin is his name; his mother and father were estranged. One day Gavin’s father picked him up for a trip to the zoo. That was the last time his mother would see her three-year-year old for 27 years, for his father abducted Gavin and took him to live in Hungary. His mother was devastated, and although she appealed to the Hungarian embassy in London and the British embassy in Budapest, and even to Margaret Thatcher, his mother, Avril, never heard another word of her son…for 27 years.

Now at 61 years old, Avril’s health is broken, for although she has other children, she never stopped grieving for her lost son. Her sister reports:

“Avril has had a hard time and endured many, many sleepless nights not knowing if Gavin was alive or dead. She didn’t cope very well and had a terrible time. She has a big heart and loves her children very much. As a result her own health has suffered.”

Mrs Wilson, 59, had spent the best part of three decades helping her sister try to trace her son. The fact that in 1982 Hungary was a Communist state on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain made the task of tracing a three-year-old boy was virtually impossible for a single mother living in Liverpool. Appeals for help through official channels fell on deaf ears.

Source: Times Online

In recent months they started searching the internet, and on Google found a promising link to Facebook. Around the same time, after the death of his father in 2006, Gavin, too, began searching for his mother. Then last October it happened: Mrs. Wilson typed into Facebook Gavin’s name…found him, and emailed him.

“I called my sister when I heard back from Gavin and told her to sit down as I had some news for her. All I heard after that was screaming…”

The complete touching story is here.


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World’s Youngest Billionarie

Speaking of youngsters…how about Mark Zuckerberg, who at 23 is the world’s youngest billionaire.

Like many other people his age, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of social networking site Facebook spends most of his day in front of a computer screen. But he is no ordinary 23-year-old he’s officially the world’s youngest US billionaire. Worth 1.5 billion dollars, the young man has made a debut in this years Forbes magazine’s list of the World’s Billionaires where he has secured the 785th rank.

Read more here. Maybe you’ll find enough info to join the billionaire club! Congratulations Mark.

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Share It How, You Say?

Some things strike me funny…such as this notice that was placed at the end of an article I read a few minutes ago.

Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Perhaps I am missing something, but how can I “share this story” if I don’t publish, broadcast, rewrite or redistribute it? Huh?

I’m can’t think of a way to entice someone to read the original article without “rewriting” something in the story that caught my attention. By sending the article’s name to Digg, am I not on a small scale broadcasting that news? Am I not publishing a part of the story? Am I not trying to redistribute it?

Help me here! ____________________________________________________________________

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