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Beautiful Balboa of San Diego

We were down in San Diego on Friday for dual purposes; to take care of business and to visit with our two children who live here. Jerry and Steve were busy with manly things, so with my sweet Nikon on the seat beside me in our white Jeep and with my feet snug in great shoes, I traced my way from the 54 W to the 5 N, took the Pershing Street exit 15 B, drove up a steep hill and entered the environs of beautiful Balboa Park. I spent two invigorating hours wandering about admiring, almost gasping sometimes at the splendor, and snapping my shutter numerous times.

Take a look at a few things I saw. Image

The surface of this reflecting pool was afloat with numerous lily pads and blossoms.


The late afternoon sun slanted, lighting the flowers as though neon flared through their skin..


Purple blossoms reared their stunning heads among the green circular pads.


I turned a corner and saw bougainvillea trailing forward, back-lit by the receding sun, the outline of a mission the backdrop for the scarlet flowers.

We in Southern California are blessed by a plethora of magnificence . . . from the awe-inspiriting Pacific coast to our soaring mountains, not to mention man-made attractions such as Balboa with its varied museums and world-class zoo. Does anyone think we may forget to enjoy those things that are so close to us? I’m afraid I may be guilty of that. I’m not nearly as familiar with Balboa as I should be. It covers more than 1200 acres, which range from open trails to magnificent buildings such as some I have pictured here.

Where do you live?  . . . .Is there countryside you should explore? Ancient buildings you should tour? Do historical trails and battlefields lie nearby, or museums, or do stately courthouses line the streets of your Americana? What of the great cities, their alleyways, their trains and buses, their cathedrals? . . . Where do you live? Do you know the place? Sniffed its aroma lately, followed your nose to a neighborhood bakery, trained your eyes to see its grandeur. . . . I’m challenging you: Get out and about. One more thing . . . tell us about it, right here in a comment box. 🙂