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Not Perfect

Because I write something every day, I’m quite aware of the need for accurate spelling, punctuation, and other usage of the language, although I understand that despite my carefulness, I frequently make mistakes, as do others.  When I self-published my first (of four) books, I scrutinized every word, sentence, and paragraph in what proved to be the futile goal of producing a flawless book. During these years of extensive writing and publishing, I have learned that a professionally produced book by a major publisher, on average, contains three errors.

Even though I know this, it startled me this past week to notice a significant error in a beautiful book I had purchased.

Yesterday at the library, I picked up a notice of a book sale, and saw right away a misspelled word. A misspelled word and the library somehow seem out of synch.

However, the small error did not hinder my successfully shopping there today. Here’s an image of my stack; a bargain for $4.00.

Okay, okay. I know this piece will be scrutinized to assure that I have produced a piece in which grammatical, spelling, and punctuation usage is of the highest caliber. Score me. 🙂


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