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Josef Fritzl Guilty! Elizabeth Appears in Court

Guilty! So said the jury responsible for handing down a verdict concerning Josef Fritzl, the dungeon monster. In a surprise move, Elizabeth appeared in the courtroom as her video was played.

Guilty of all charges, including the murder of his son, whose little body Fritzl tossed into a furnace. Full story here.


I’m sick of sin! I’m sick of seeing families torn apart and ravaged by sin. Sick of seeing them stumble blindly through a lackluster semblance of life without Jesus Christ. I’m sick of Satan’s deceit and his abysmal devices, his chains, his filthy lies. My mind and soul are wrenched as I watch innocent children systematically destroyed. I look at mothers and fathers as they cast about with no direction–not a clue–while children grab pointlessly at the pant-legs of their daddies and the skirts of their mothers, pleading for a line, a course, a way. Instead they are met with vacuous and witless stares. Too many despairing parents take up another needle, gulp down a numbing pill, or pour one more shot. I look at my world and weep.