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Skeptical?–The Age of Obama

Image from Commission on Presidential Debates

A face of suspicion in others does not appeal to me; certainly I do not cherish a personal image of such description. My thinking leads me to the conclusion that an anointing of skepticism is not generally felt to be soothing; yet on occasion, I contend, such smearing may be the pith of wisdom.

This morning, I learned that the moderator for tomorrow night’s vice-presidential debate, PBS anchor, Gwen Ifill, has written a book that is scheduled for release on inauguration day. Name of the book? “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.” It is reported that in the book she praises Senator Obama for “forging a new path.”

How can Ms. Ifill possibly be considered neutral in tomorrow night’s debate? She obviously has an interest in Senator Obama’s being elected President, for it is fair to conclude that the sale of such a book would be greatly enhanced by his capturing the world’s greatest prize on the very day her book is to be released.

The Commission of Presidential Debates is responsible for the choice of this moderator. How are the moderators chosen?

Did Senators Obama and  McCain have a voice in the selection of this moderator (and those for the other debates)?

Are Senator McCain and his election council guilty of a serious oversight here?

I’m leaning toward thinking that Gwen Ifill should recuse herself as moderator in tomorrow night’s debate.

What say you? Am I missing something?


EDIT: Thursday evening. I listened to the entire, excellent debate and I am happy to say I did not detect anything other than fairness as Gwen Ifill moderated the session. She did an excellent job.

However, I think in the future, a person who has written a favorable book toward one of the candidates should not be chosen as moderator for a debate in which that person is represented. In addition, I think Gwen Ifill should have mentioned the book to the commission who chose her.


Is of Any Concern, the Price of their Houses?

As regards this election, does it matter that Senator McCain owns eight houses, or that both Senators Obama and Biden own very expensive homes?

My opinion is no. What is yours? Why?

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Sometimes a “Flip-Flop” is Good, Dr. Dobson

Yesterday I heard Dr. Dobson make the following announcement. While he has not officially endorsed John McCain, he is giving it serious consideration, saying McCain’s choice of running mate will be a strong factor in his decision.

Conservative Christian leader James Dobson has softened his stance against Republican presidential hopeful John McCain, saying he could reverse his position and endorse the Arizona senator despite serious misgivings. 

“I never thought I would hear myself saying this,” Dobson said in a radio broadcast to air Monday. “… While I am not endorsing Senator John McCain, the possibility is there that I might.”

While Dr. Dobson is in disagreement with Senator McCain on several issues, he agrees with Senator Obama on almost none.

I was distressed months ago after McCain became the presumptive nominee and Dr. Dobson indicated strongly that he could not vote for him, and was considering a third-party or independent nominee. Though I understand his thoughts, I fear that if a large number of conservative thinkers and voters take that stance, there is a real threat of throwing the election to Obama.

“Flip-flip” is good sometimes. I really don’t fault anyone for changing his mind, for at times we all may need to reconsider issues and find it logical to come to different conclusions. The negative nuance of flip-flopping is centered around a candidate who changes his position depending on the blowing of the political wind and the personal expediency of the amended thinking.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject.


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