Desperate Need

A few days ago a 7.2 earthquake struck the Philippines; the epicenter was in the midsection of the island of Bohol. These people are very dear to me for a couple of reasons. Many years ago Jerry and I joined with a team who ministered in and around Manila, and on the island of Cebu, where we fell in love with the Philippino people. Our eldest son Steve, for many years now, has traveled several times annually to these islands, especially to Bohol where he has ministered to congregations, and where he has built new churches. A foundation has been poured for the erection of an orphanage.

Now the island is devastated. Churches have toppled, bridges and roadways have collapsed, there is little/no food, little/no water, no electricity, the death toll is rising, and numbers of persons are still trapped in the rubble.

I’ve never done anything like this before, but I am calling on my friends on facebook, on my blogs, and anywhere else to rally to this cause. I spoke with Steve earlier today and he was in tears as he considered the plight of these people with whom he has worked so closely over the years. This need transcends denomination and organization lines, but must go straight to our hearts and to our souls. Surely as Christians we must feel compassion for all these people who have been so hurt. Coupled with knowing these include our brothers and sisters in the Lord who are in such need surely will press us to share what we have.

Steve has set up a relief fund through his church. Every dollar sent will go immediately to the Philippines. No money at all will be retained for administration, travel, or anything like that. I’m sending a check this afternoon and am asking you to join with me in sharing our blessings with these of the body of Christ who have been so harshly devastated.

PLEASE sacrifice and send generously to: Hilltop Tabernacle 346 L. St. Chula Vista, CA. 91911. Phone number there is: 619 422-4194. It is more efficient financially if you can send a check. Make check to Hilltop, but note that the offering is for the Philippines Relief Fund. If you need to use a credit card, however, you may use this link to his church.

I’m including here a series of pictures that were sent to me by Sister Willina Reyes, one of the church leaders in the Philippines. Please look at these and let God speak to your heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. As much as I can, on facebook, I will keep you updated on the funds that are sent for this cause.