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Rebecca, Nathaniel and Down’s Syndrome Development

A test that can detect Down’s syndrome from the blood of pregnant women, which would be the first reliable noninvasive prenatal test for the chromosomal disorder, has raised the prospect of routine screening for the condition for every expectant mother who wants it.

The advance, however, will also create ethical dilemmas for many couples following positive tests. There are fears that the simpler procedure and more extensive screening could lead to more abortions.

Fox News

Because of various concerns, my daughter, Rebecca’s, pregnancy was categorized as high risk. She had suffered through fertility tests, treatments and multiple disappointments, now was pregnant again, and I sat with her for one more test. For although she was indeed pregnant, a blood test had returned positive, indicating that her baby had a neural tube defect, including the possibility of Down’s syndrome. That particular test though often showed false positives, and an amniocentesis would now be necessary.
I remember well our discussion, for none of us would consider the abortion of Rebecca and Greg’s baby. Why then would she want to proceed with the amniocentesis?
“But are you sure you want to test for Down’s syndrome, Rebecca? Why?”
“I’m sure, Mom. I want to be prepared for what is ahead of me. I would just feel better knowing,” she told me, and I understood that.
We had cried together when she received the negative report, and I assured her of my love for her baby no matter its condition, and she nodded, and yes, she knew, but, “Mom, I really don’t want my baby to be a Down’s syndrome baby.”
“I know, Bek, I know.”
Well, the amniocentesis relieved our minds as it showed no abnormalities, and a few months later was born this perfect little boy. Wish you could see Nathaniel now. He’s a big, burly 11-year-old, bright and talented…and always hungry. 🙂
So when I read this article today, I thought of Nathaniel, and I was reminded again how wrong abortion is, how deceptive are its proponents and with what hideous darkness it stains our world.
How strange it is that whether or not to kill one’s baby could ever be considered a moral dilemma.
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