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Stephen Hawking Speaks in Honor of Nasa’s 50th Anniversary

In his lecture yesterday, in which he spoke to the probability of life in other worlds, famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking held forth on extra-terresstrial life, saying, “Primitive life is very common and intelligent life is fairly rare.” Then in a light and (perhaps) joking moment, he added, “Some would say it has yet to occur on earth.”

I greatly admire Stephen Hawking and have written of him often. He is a brilliant 66 year old British cosmologist who suffers from ASL and who speaks through a mechanical device. Hawking’s comments on Monday were part of a lecture at George Washington University.

So should you worry about aliens? he continued. He concluded that alien abduction claims come from “weirdos” and are unlikely. He is a strong proponent of the colonization of the moon, and of other planet exploration, especially that of Mars.

Again, I honor Stephen Hawking, who despite incredible physical limitations, continues to make great scientific contributions to our world. By honoring Mr. Hawking, my intent is also to honor all those, who despite considerable limitations, live productive lives and contribute to the wellness of our society.


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Two Bittersweet Birthday Cakes

This baby doesn’t look like us, he said, and off to the lab he went. The results of the blood work substantiated his fears: it was impossible for him to be his baby’s father. Same for mother’s lab results: she was not her baby’s mother.

The AP reported today:

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — Two baby girls mistakenly swapped at birth went home to their biological parents in time for their first birthdays, reports said Tuesday.

DNA tests confirmed that nearly a year before, in a clinic southeast of Prague, two baby girls had been involved in an unfortunate mix-up. Two sets of parents had taken home daughters who were not biologically their own.

Pictures from the AP of parents with their non-biological daughters.

Both sets of parents agreed to swap their daughters, deciding to do so on the girls’ first birthday–December 9th. In preparation for the transfer, the girls have been spending extended periods of time with their biological parents.

Can you imagine the angst and grief that such a situation invariably produces. These parents have loved and bonded with a child who they now understand really belongs to someone else. What would be your take on such a situation? Would you do as these parents did, or would you opt to keep the child you took home from the hospital?

You probably will be interested to know that the nurses involved in the care of these children have been fired.


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