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A Christmas Carol in Lake Havasu

How many times I have read, heard or seen–at Christmas and other times–various renditions of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

is unremembered by me, but I assure you the number is a hefty one. Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year, and next to the Bible’s (and particularly St. Luke’s rendition) story of the birth of Jesus, this Charles Dickens story is my favorite literary Christmas tradition. It has been performed all over the world in every kind of venue imaginable from Shakespearean theatres to those of amateur underpinnings.

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It’s a wonderful Christmas story, although not at all an account of the birth of the infant Jesus that night in Bethlehem. But the principle of the story is definitely of godly origin for it tells the transformation of a grouchy, negative old man into a giving, thankful, happy being. Tiny Tim’s enduring words God Bless Us Every One are as pertinent today as they were during those dark and dank days in London.

Jerry bought tickets earlier in the week, and last night we sat in small auditorium here in Lake Havasu to watch a fine staging of this enduring classic. It was a small, but elegant production, effected by a talented local cast. The costuming was beautiful. I found a few of the lines difficult to understand, and the lighting was a bit dim. The small amount of live music was jolly and well done. Loved the fogging, the swirling snow and the intimate play of the actors to the close audience.

The star of the show was the story line itself, and Scrooge who spoke the powerful words of redemption and transformation. What prodigious talent was exhibited in Charles Dickens who once said to his friend and biographer, John Forster:

“One is driven by irresistible might until the journey is worked out!”

The working out of his journey has endowed these many generations with capital and rich writings–literature that transcends time and culture–as relevant today as at the raw moment when first story-germ was quickened. Of all, A Christmas Carol must surely stand at apogee. It is splendid drama.

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