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Dr. Dobson Speaks Out for Sarah Palin

Dr. Dobson just said on the Dennis Prager show that if he were to go into the voting booth today, he would “pull the lever” for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

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Incest and Same Sex Marriages

Today was one of the exceptional times when I had the opportunity to listen to my favorite talk show host, Dennis Prager, and although I couldn’t sit down and hear every word, I did have the radio on for the full three-hour segment, and heard bits and pieces of everything. I was stunned to hear of the following account of a father and daughter who have confessed to having a sexual relationship and of producing more than one baby. I was fascinated by the question Dennis posed to his audience:

“Do you listeners who believe in same sex marriage, have a problem with a father/daughter sexual relationship? Why? Why not?”

Scandal … Jennifer and John Deaves tell their story.

In this article, the couple tells of falling in love, of divorcing their spouses so they could be together, and tell of the children they produced. The former wife of the man reveals how it felt to have her husband run off with his daughter. You may also be interested in seeing a video of a psychologist who speaks to the damage such relationships do to children.

I wasn’t able to hear one response on the radio today, but I’d like to extend the same platform here on my blog, asking the same question.

My definite opinion is that incest and same sex marriage is wrong in every way: morally, culturally and emotionally. The sanctioning of such skewed relationships will lend (and is lending) to the downfall of our society. Once morality is set aside, how can there be limits? What would limit such a society? Both incest and same sex marriages are despicable.

I want to hear your thoughts and any insight you may have.


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