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Constitution of the USA: Unexcelled, Unrivaled, Under Attack


On this 226th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States of America, I grieve for our country–our exceptional country, the finest country any man has ever known. The unraveling of reason, the attacks on our principles, the unspooling of our society all congeal into a dark and foreboding shadow that as a weighty cloak hovers above our land. The frenetic press against morality, the challenge against Christianity, the unveiling of godlessness and its presentation as an angel of modern thought, and of correctness and of the preferred are a throw to my very breath.

Yet, there remain we–many of us–who hold to the principles of the Constitution set by our fathers, and with unflagging persistence and with determined grit we hold to the assumption of the greatest experiment of all time. We plan to prevail.