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The Death of Reverend Jack Yonts II

Through church work over the years, Jerry and I have become acquainted with Reverend Jack Yonts, Sr. and with his wife, so, when a few days ago I learned of the serious illness of their son, I posted a prayer request for him. This afternoon, after a courageous battle, Rev. Yonts went to join his Maker. Rev. Yonts suffered from ARDS, and had been very involved in community awareness of this disorder. You may see him pictured here where he addressed a conference concerning ARDS.

As a courtesy to them and to those of you who are close to this family, I have posted a letter from the site which announces his death, and some of the arrangements which are being made. Let’s continue to pray for this family and the church, which has now lost its leader. Though you may never have met them, these are our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

Dear friends, family and loved ones from around the globe,

It is with mixed emotions that we inform you that Reverend Jack Yonts II has passed into eternal life. We are deeply saddened with the loss of Jack from our lives, but we are encouraged to know that he is now whole and in the loving care of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that we will soon be caught up to be with him again forever.

Jack passed into eternal life at 3:15 pm on Monday, February 18, 2008 after a long battle with pulmonary complications caused by ARDS. He was surrounded by his family as he passed into eternity. The family would like to thank the courageous doctors and staff at Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah, WI for their efforts in these final days of Jack’s life.

Here in the Fox Cities of Wisconsin (Neenah, Menasha, Appleton), Jack was loved by his congregation and his community. Jack also had an immense impact on many individuals around the globe. Jack was a mentor and friend to untold thousands of people. We expect a global outpouring of love in the form of flowers and attendance at the wake, funeral, and beyond.

To our friends and loved ones around the world, we would ask that you remember Lori Yonts and the two girls, Lily and Gabriella, at this time. Funeral expenses and the cost of hosting an event such as Jack’s funeral will be immediate and difficult to negotiate, especially through the veil of grief that Lori must now go through.

We have set up a memorial account at Westside Bank to handle these expenses as well as the future needs of Lori and the girls. While it is normal and customary to send flowers, a card expressing your thoughts of Jack will be an invaluable keepsake to Lori and a donation in lieu of flowers will last much longer and will be infinitely more appreciated at this time.

Donations to this account can be made in several ways:

1. A check made out to the “Jack Yonts memorial fund” can be written and mailed directly to the bank. Please reference the account number in your memo field on the check. The bank’s address is: Westside Bank, 56 Hiram Drive, Hiram, GA 30141

2. The account number is 2001233.

3. Use your electronic bill pay to do the same. Again, using the bank’s address and account number in the memo field.

4. Pay Pal can be used with all of the above information.

5. Electronic funds transfer is also available from many banks. You will need the routing number of Jack’s bank which is 06112022.

If for some reason, you have questions about the above, feel free to contact David Turner at Westside Bank at 678-557-6739.

We also covet your prayers at this time. There cannot be enough said for the comfort that comes from friends and family who know how to pray and are willing to touch God for this situation.

God bless you all!


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Update on Injuries of Rev. Gary Weems/Rev. Jack Yonts

On Monday I wrote concerning Rev. Gary Weems, reporting the cable snapping of the elevator in which he was riding. Within the last hour, I received an update from those who have been with him at the hospital.

He appears to have no internal injuries, although at one point yesterday, his kidneys began to fail. The doctors were able to reverse that trend, and in that regard, today, he appears to be in satisfactory condition. Both his ankles are broken, and both feet are shattered. There is so much swelling that, at this point, surgeons are not able to operate. When he further stablizes, he will go home, wait for the swelling to recede, then he will be readmitted to the hospital for all the surgeries he will need.

Please continue to pray for Rev. Weems, for his family and for his church.

EDIT: It has just come to my attention that Rev. Jack Yonts, II, is also critically ill. I’ve created a link to his site here. Let us add him to our prayer list.

EDIT: Monday February 18 Rev. Jack Yonts continues to be in a life-threatening condition. Please continue to pray for him.

EDIT: Monday February 18th 5:oo pm Rev. Jack Yonts has gone home to be with our Lord.

Rev. Gary Weems has gone home from the hospital. From my understanding of reports, the shattering of his bones is so extreme that in the words of the surgeon, if we would try to operate now, the bones would just fall out. It is the nature of bones to heal, so over the next few weeks they will allow the bones to mend in their broken condition. When enough mending has taken place so that the bones are reconnected, they will then operate to bring about as much correction as is possible. He is in extreme need of prayer–has episodes of shivering and apprehension.

(I hope I am accurately depicting this medical condition, prognosis, and plan. I have no medical background, and I know lay people often misunderstand such things, but this is what I believe was relayed to me.)

The city of Terrell, private companies and other entities have rallied around their needs, providing gifts of money and services. The family is very grateful for these blessings.


My devotional blog is here.