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Gulf Coast Ladies Retreat–Part 5

Elegant Servers, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Scrumptious, nourishing spiritual food was dished up by the speakers of the retreat, including Nita Hodges, Ann Jackson and Brenda Groce. The music led by DeDe Cooley was superb, and the worship was sincere and beautiful.

There was other food also, including Saturday’s lunch when the men barbecued brisket, sausage and chicken, then served in the excellent way you see here…then… did all the clean-up! It was fabulous.

On Friday, Jerry joined 7 or 8 (edit: Jerry corrected me telling me there were 16) other men who went to a restaurant that specializes in serving crawfish, and where 100 pounds of the critters had been ordered for those men to eat. Unbelievable. The red creatures were served in pans that held 10 pounds each, along with boiled corn and potatoes. Jerry took my camera, but his pictures were blurred, so I can’t show you.

I can show you these. Left over from the 100 pounds, a few pounds were taken back to the house where Nita Hodges and Sister Marshall attacked them with gusto. Take a look.

Let me remind you that lovely women who just a while before the moment that I snapped these pictures, were beautifully dressed, and leading in worship at the retreat, are now digging into these mounds of red creatures, and that these crawfish are sprawled out on a dining table of the elegant house I have showed you.
Yep, that’s newspaper you see. That’s how they do it in this part of the country. They spread their beautiful tables with newspaper, sit before these mounds of boiled, clawed creatures, reach in their carefully manicured hands, pull off legs or something, squeeze out the tasty meat, put the refuge aside, and reach for another. In between the biting of the meaty morsels, they gnaw on yellow cobs of corn and wash it down with sweet tea.
Now, believe me, I’m not trying to sound superior or anything like that, but some of you may recall that I had a frightening reaction to eating crab a few months ago, and while crawfish is quite different, I was afraid to chance it. Otherwise, I would have been in there with the best of them, tearing apart those claws, and squeezing out the delectable meat.
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