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Machines March Toward Replacing Humans

Massey University

Credit: Massey University


When I read about this development by Massey University a few days ago, I was struck again–and impressed–with the intelligence of man and the great strides we are making with computers, while at the same time feeling some reservations about the capabilities of this program. Read it all carefully and let me know what you think.

The near-human performance of a virtual teacher called Eve created by Massey researchers has drawn the attention of scientists across the computing world. Eve is what is known in the information sciences as an intelligent or affective tutoring system that can adapt its response to the emotional state of people by interaction through a computer system.

The ability of virtual Eve to alter her presentation according to the reaction of the child facing her at the keyboard has been hailed as an exciting development in the $25 billion e-learning market.

Read the entire article here.

My reservations include:

1. My discomfort at a machine being able to read and respond to my emotions.

2. The lack of human contact that is spiraling in our computerized society.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.


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