Desperate Need

A few days ago a 7.2 earthquake struck the Philippines; the epicenter was in the midsection of the island of Bohol. These people are very dear to me for a couple of reasons. Many years ago Jerry and I joined with a team who ministered in and around Manila, and on the island of Cebu, where we fell in love with the Philippino people. Our eldest son Steve, for many years now, has traveled several times annually to these islands, especially to Bohol where he has ministered to congregations, and where he has built new churches. A foundation has been poured for the erection of an orphanage.

Now the island is devastated. Churches have toppled, bridges and roadways have collapsed, there is little/no food, little/no water, no electricity, the death toll is rising, and numbers of persons are still trapped in the rubble.

I’ve never done anything like this before, but I am calling on my friends on facebook, on my blogs, and anywhere else to rally to this cause. I spoke with Steve earlier today and he was in tears as he considered the plight of these people with whom he has worked so closely over the years. This need transcends denomination and organization lines, but must go straight to our hearts and to our souls. Surely as Christians we must feel compassion for all these people who have been so hurt. Coupled with knowing these include our brothers and sisters in the Lord who are in such need surely will press us to share what we have.

Steve has set up a relief fund through his church. Every dollar sent will go immediately to the Philippines. No money at all will be retained for administration, travel, or anything like that. I’m sending a check this afternoon and am asking you to join with me in sharing our blessings with these of the body of Christ who have been so harshly devastated.

PLEASE sacrifice and send generously to: Hilltop Tabernacle 346 L. St. Chula Vista, CA. 91911. Phone number there is: 619 422-4194. It is more efficient financially if you can send a check. Make check to Hilltop, but note that the offering is for the Philippines Relief Fund. If you need to use a credit card, however, you may use this link to his church.

I’m including here a series of pictures that were sent to me by Sister Willina Reyes, one of the church leaders in the Philippines. Please look at these and let God speak to your heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. As much as I can, on facebook, I will keep you updated on the funds that are sent for this cause.



Panera–Not Only Bread, but Heart

A great sandwich, an excellently brewed cup of coffee, and first-class ambience makes for a fine lunch–especially with a friend or family member thrown in for good measure. Such a place is Panera Bread, and although there has never been one where I live, in my travels I have visited many of them and have always enjoyed the experience.

This morning I learned that the company has now established a non-profit site that is serving up its food with a pay-what-you-can philosophy.

Panera Bread Co. has reopened a downtown Clayton location as a nonprofit where customers can pay what they can afford.

“Take what you need, leave your fair share,” says a sign at the entrance of the Saint Louis Bread Company Cares Café. Patrons who can’t pay are asked to volunteer their time.

The café, which reopened Sunday as a nonprofit, has cashiers who provide receipts with suggested prices and direct customers to the store’s five donation boxes. The menu is the same, except for the day-old baked goods brought in from sister stores in the area. The money goes to help the hungry and train troubled youth.

“I’m trying to find out what human nature is all about,” Ron Shaich, who stepped down as Panera’s CEO last week but remains as chairman, told USA Today. “My hope is that we can eventually do this in every community where there’s a Panera.”

What an amazing, generous act. Kudos to this great company, Panera Bread. One more thing: Lake Havasu could surely use one of these places. 🙂

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Haiti and My Shawnna

So quickly comes the change: …the earth roars…symptoms demand an emergency room…

…and yet…all remains the same…

For about me are loving people, and on the instant, as always, they pray, set up funds, offer services,  pool resources, gather material, and plan flights to the suffering land.

Lady Bethani Roam Brain and I were just looking at pictures of Haiti. The horrible disaster and deaths of so many are just horrible. We were saying to each other “we wish we could do something!” We are praying for the people who are hurting, but wish we could do something else as well…..does anybody know any ways of giving or helping that we Americans can do?

And someone responds:
Samaritan’s Purse ( or Compassion International ( We give through World Vision (… all of them are great, reputable organizations.

Cap’n Mark HappyHattabaughs Please pray we can get into Haiti. Airport is open then closes. Have flight from Dominican Rep. Our team needs to get in there – CSI.

Cap’n Bryan Nesom our thoughts and prayers are with the haitian people in the wake of this horrible earthquake that occurred today.

Lady Shirley M Was God has been so good to me. I have nothing to complain about and everything to be thankful for. My heart goes out to the thousands who have no bed to lie on tonight, no roof over their head, no food to eat, and the thousands who are suffering physical pain from the injuries of the earthquake along with emotional pain… from the loss of their loved ones. Jesus, be their comforter tonight.

Lady Becky Buckland May GOD be with the COMPASSION SERVICES great TEAM of MINISTERS who are on their way to HAITI to be of service to the desperate …. I am THANKFUL to BELONG to such a GREAT organization as the UPCI for their vision in organizing such an arm of LOVE and MERCY …. and HELP

Lady Tracy Cook Can’t watch the coverage of Haiti with dry eyes… Please pray… Please GIVE to the relief effort of your choice. Text “Haiti” to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross. Please RT.

Lady Dee Dee Lively-Andrews If anyone has a United Mileage Plus account, you can donate your miles to The Salvation Army. The miles can be used to help transport volunteers to Haiti for earthquake disaster relief. To donate your miles call United: 1-800-421-4655

Thursday 1/14

Cap’n Mark HappyHattabaughs Our flight into Haiti is cancelled from Dominican Rep. Plan B in place: Bus/truck. Plan C: helicopter. Please donate online. Keep trying.

Source: Facebook

…and from around the country now as they learn of the abnormal spot on my Shawnna’s brain, they call, and query, and promise prayer, and say I love you, and how can I help, and does anybody know?…and what about the MRI?…and new converts weep with me in the night, and pat my shoulder, and bend over to offer tissue.

A few turns of the clock: Change, brutal change. Same, glorious same.

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America’s Need–Compassion

I hadn’t read much of her material lately, but this morning when I went to the blog of my friend Jana McVay, I was jolted by one of her columns. I strongly encourage you to read this powerful, moving account.

Individually, we have so much…while around us, often unrecognized, or sadly, even unheeded, is such abject need. Perhaps too often, we link compassion with distant lands, or big city ghettos or government projects, or church missionary endeavors, or Salvation Army kettles. Individually, we need to be filled with compassion–compassion that will set groceries on the porch of an elderly neighbor (even when it is not a holiday) or press dollars into the hands of a young mother, or pay the utility bills of a challenged friend or of a stranger. Some of us could support a struggling home missionary for a year–not through a bona-fide Home Missions department, but straight from a heart of compassion for that man…and for the lost of his city. Individually we may speak comfort to someone in an emergency waiting room, or pay the charge for someone’s prescription refill, or walk a crying baby through a torturous dark night of a single mom. Some of us, as was Jana McVay, will be startled by the raw need of one person with whom we have contact. Some, as was Jana, will be moved by compassion. Some, as did Jana, will act on those compassionate feelings.

America’s need is compassion.


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