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An Appeal for Health Care Logic

Perhaps for many years, it has been established and acceptable protocol for either house of Congress to pass a bill which virtually no one had read in its entirety.

I don’t know.

Perhaps whether Republican led or Democrat led, our representatives have routinely voted up or down on important legislature they have not read.

I don’t know.

Today, the health bill before the House of Representatives is of staggering size; 1990 pages. Am I missing something? But doesn’t this seem ridiculous, confusing, incomprehensible, unreasonable, too much bureaucracy, too many words, too much mumbo jumbo?

I think so.

We are told the cost for these measures will exceed $1.055 trillion. More than a trillion! I said, although I hardly can push the words from my mouth, and my ordinary brain can in no way compute such a figure.

And yes, the “death panel” section did survive.

And no, I don’t like it.

Has common sense completely fled? Are we totally unable to be “down-to-earth sensible?” How can our representatives wisely vote on a package of such ponderous weight and girth? Is there not a better solution for our health care issues?

I don’t know for sure, but logic whispers in my ear: There must be a better way.

Health Care Overhaul

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