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Presents Don’t Get Any Better Than This


“Yes?” I answered a few minutes ago.

“Did you read about the young man who just found his mother he had never known?”

“No, where is the story?”

The story is here and is one of the most beautiful and touching you will ever read.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Steve Flaig worked as a delivery truck driver at one of the Lowe’s stores in the area. He was 22 years old, and had known from the time he was small that he was adopted. At the age of 18 with the full support of his adoptive parents he began to search for his biological mother.

There must have been some early Christmas spirit flitting around for last October after doing research through the agency that arranged his adoption, he learned his mother’s maiden name.

He typed “Tallady” into a search engine and came up with an address on West River Drive less than a mile from the Lowe’s store.

He mentioned it to his boss, and she said, “You mean Chris Tallady, who works here?” He was stunned.

For two months, Steve kept the information, secretly looking at his mother as she worked, and contemplating how to share this news with her. He was cautious, not knowing if she would be open to such a revelation. Finally last week, he went to the adoption agency and told them of the situation. As Steve sat there, one of the social workers called his mother and told her she had information about her son.

“The first thing that crossed my mind is something was wrong with him,” she said. Was he sick? Did he need a blood transfusion?”

“And then she said, ‘Christine, he works with you,'” Tallady recalled. “It was a shock. I started crying. I figured he would call me sometime, but not like this.”

She sobbed a lot that day, tears of joy. Flaig called her later that day, and last Friday the two, who until then had occasionally said “hi” as coworkers do, met at the Cheers Good Time Saloon near the store. They hugged, sat and talked for 2 1/2 hours.

From the Grand Rapids PressĀ 

On Tuesday at work, they hugged again. Yes, there really is a spirit of Christmas. Yes, wonderful and touching moments such as these do graze our senses from time to time. Yes, there is love in the world, and healing for long-ago hurts, and joy and connection and sweetness and light. Chimes yet play, sparkling lights glisten, and, I promise, angels still sing.

Christmas presents don’t get any better than this.


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