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Sage Sings in Church

Those who read here often know how fond I am of my family, and I suppose if I’m not careful I speak too much of us and of our accomplishments. Lots of preachers in our family, lots of church activities, but I’m ready to show you now one of our failures: We’re abysmal at creating videos. Although I’m not a YouTube or any other video- viewing- expert, I’m judging this one as surely one of the worst ever produced.

Why then am I posting it on my striving-always-for-excellence site is the obvious question. Because the video was taken at Hilltop Tabernacle in Chula Vista and is of my great-granddaughter, Sage Buxton. She is four years old and the video records her first time to sing a solo in church.

I couldn’t understand a word she was saying until I saw that the name of the song is Wasn’t That a Mighty Day When Jesus Christ was Born. After that piece of understanding I can now pick out a few words. It’s a terrible video. It’s a gorgeous video. When you see it, you will agree with me that Sage has a beautiful voice, and a precise sense of timing. You will agree that Sage is beautiful. You will agree that her smile is captivating. You will agree that I made the right decision to post this video on my blog. You will agree that our family needs to stick with writing, preaching, teaching, cooking supper and doing laundry–not producing movies. 🙂

I’m sorry, but it seems the only way to see this video is to follow this link. I told you we don’t know what we’re doing…or maybe we do…not at all sure.

Sage Buxton singing on YouTube


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