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Christmas 2007 in Review

Christmas Ham, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.
A departure from tradition found us with no turkey and dressing at our Christmas dinner, but we suffered little, for this delectable ham held its own as a tasty entree. I cooked the dinner on Christmas eve while Steve and Dearrah were still with us. Rebecca joined us as did our dear friends, the Patrick Garrett family.

As a Christmas gift, Mike and Mel had given me the fine Shun knife you see Jerry using here to slice the ham. It is a wonderful knife–the finest I have ever owned–and when I first used it I was astonished at the difference between it and the one I had formerly called my best knife.
I must have got carried away when I fashioned the yeast rolls, because they turned out big as turnips. Yummy, though…hot and yeasty. Slathered with butter, they approached perfection.
Everyone was at the table, ready to eat, except for Rebecca and Steve, when I heard a commotion in the kitchen and went there to find this sight. I had already caught Steve snagging and eating a roll a few minutes earlier.
It was a wonderful day, the weather was warm as I have mentioned before, and before bedtime, everyone had gone. Rebecca and Nathaniel had planned to spend the night, but when she went down the hill to pick him up, the wind  was howling so that she was afraid to drive back up the mountain in the dark, for we always have rock slides during such weather and it can be quite dangerous.
So, after a wonderful Christmas Eve of eating and visiting, Jerry and I tucked outselves into bed. Roaring winds blew, the full moon shined through our high bedroom window, and I lay awake a bit thinking of my blessings, of my gifts, and of my richness.
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