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The Saga of Unwanted Food Gifts

A few weeks ago, Melody decorated the box and placed it in the recreation hall here at DJs. Since then she has emptied it several times and now we have a large accumulation of staple food items.This afternoon Jerry is picking up enough bread and pastry for 25 families. People have placed envelopes of money in our box in the office, and Michael has collected several hundred dollars to buy turkeys. Melina has decorated the individual boxes and this evening we will all meet at the church to assemble them.

This is our first Thanksgiving at Christ Alive church here in Lake Havasu and we are preparing food baskets to give to needy families here in the area. We’re all set, well organized, everything at the ready–except for one glaring problem: We don’t know how to distribute our gifts.

When we first began planning this project, we had thought to take the baskets to neighborhoods around the church, randomly knock on doors and present the food. As we considered it further, we reckoned that some might be offended by this action. Our strategy then changed, and we contacted a social service agency, where we had a personal contact.

She was ecstatic about our program. She would not be allowed to give us a list of people, but we could go with her to deliver the baskets. That was fine with us. Then she called to say, “No, we could not go with her, but we could insert a church card and the special greeting we had planned.”

“That’s fine, also,” we agreed.

Then she called again. “I’m so sorry, but my superior has said that we can’t actually take any food, but we can deliver a letter or flyer that invites the families to pick up the baskets at the church.”

“That will work,” we said, and she came by the RV and picked up the material we had prepared. She called yesterday with the news that every one of her contacts and those of her colleague who was helping out were already connected with a food bank and could not be involved with our distribution. I’m not clear as to whether this is a regulation, or the people just don’t want to appear greedy.

Anyway–bottomline, as is said–we have this beautiful food ready to distribute, and we don’t know what to do with it. Any suggestions? If we don’t think of anything else, we will revert to plan one, and kindly and cautiously offer food to any neighbors we think may be in need. We do have a community service announcement in the newspaper that came out today saying that we will be at the church from 8:30 to 11:00 on Saturday to give away food. Maybe some will show from that.

Working perfectly, we believe, is our plan to give a turkey to every family who attends Christ Alive this Sunday. You’re all invited. Hop on a plane, but let me know, so I’ll be ready to pick you up at Havasu Regional airport. You should get a ticket for a thousand or two. Small sum to pay for such as you to worship with such as I on Thanksgiving Sunday.

Disclaimer edit: The turkey we give you on Sunday morning will be naked, wrapped up modestly in plastic though. Sorry if the picture led you to believe our presentation would be such. 🙂


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Record Breaking Sunday!

Christ Alive Congregation, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Eighty-five was the count! Eight months ago, Jerry and I came to Lake Havasu to start a new church. Two people beside Jerry and me were in the first service. Today, we had 85!

There are more pictures and details of the service under My Church Activities.

Jerry and I with part of the group after the worship service.


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