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Chef Hats and Friends in the Kitchen

Chef Allen, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

“What are you guys doing for lunch?” Jerry asked into his cell phone as I drove the car heading for Phoenix on Wednesday.

The answer was such that a few minutes after noon we exited on 7th street in downtown Phoenix and met our friends the Hogans for lunch. We lingered over the meal for a couple of hours, then noting the time, I urged us on to our final destination for the day–Tucson. “We have to eat again at 5:30,” I reminded Jerry. The Hogans grinned, for despite the substantial lunch, they too would be eating an evening meal–a minister’s appreciation dinner at their church

Jerry was still grabbing luggage from the car when I knocked on the door of the Allen’s house, our friends who pastor a church in Tucson. Robert met us at the door, grinning, welcoming us, his head adorned as you see him pictured here.

We’ve been here now a couple of days, and we have been treated as royalty–as family royalty. “Make yourself at home, raid the fridge, here’s the coffee, here’s a key, do you need anything? what may we do for you? flowers in our room…

I don’t have time to elaborate and say everything I’m feeling, for I’m off to a conference in an hour. I do want to speak for friendship and for hospitality and for cooking meals to share and for opening your home to friends, and for a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy and a slab of meat cooked on an outdoor grill and for cute chef hats…for friends…especially today for the Robert Allen family.

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