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Of Chance

When a person is successful; healthy, has plenty of money, and contributes to society, we can rightly say he has been blessed by God. The converse is not true; some people have ill health, never have enough money, and their ministries never seem to excel, yet they too may be blessed of God, and may be doing everything exactly right. It is even possible–quite likely–that some members of the first group are not doing their best, and they may not be following the path God has laid out for them.

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Chance plays a big role in our lives: The families into which we are born, opportunities that may or may not present themselves, disease and accident which stalk us or ignore us, our innate intellect, the teachers who are assigned to our classrooms, the preacher who stands in our pulpit; the country of our birth and its government, the crust of bread we are given for the day, or more likely of those who read here, the whole buttered loaf. Much is of chance.


What of you? I would so enjoy hearing your response to this subject. Agree with me? Disagree? Why?  Thank you for your time here.