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Amazing Memory Demonstration

The memory skills of Ben Pridmore, a 30-year-old accountant are amazing. He hails from Derby in England, and in 30 seconds can memorize the order of a pack of cards. Then someone heard of a talented 7-year-old from Japan and thought he might be a match for Ben. A contest was set up, arrangements were made, and knowledgeable judges moved into place. Sure enough, the winnner was declared to be Ayumu. Funny thing–Ayumu is a chimpanzee.

Picture and information from The Daily Mail

When scientists found out that chimps had better memories than students, there were unkind comments about the calibre of the human competition they faced.

But now an ape has gone one better, trouncing British memory champion Ben Pridmore.

Ayumu, a seven-year-old male brought up in captivity in Japan, did three times as well as Mr Pridmore at a computer game which involved remembering the position of numbers on a screen.

More information is here, along with a picture of smiling Ben Pridmore. (I had mercy on him by not pasting his picture on the same page with Ayumu, the chimp who trounced him. 🙂 )


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