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Second Birthday Party–Cajun Style

It was on his actual 78th birthday when Mike and Melina hosted Jerry’s party, and I can’t imagine anyone putting more thought and effort into a celebration than did these two–our second-born son and his beautiful wife. They chose a Cajun theme; had flown in from Louisiana shrimp, crawfish, sausage, and a boudin mix that when Melina fried little balls conjured from that mixture–and when I ate one–I declared it the best thing of the night. It was an amazing party. Around each of our necks, Melina placed red beaded necklaces whose main ornament was a replica of a crawfish. There were Cajun banners flying, red kerchief napkins, crawfish bibs, Creole mustard, and Tabasco bottles. Zeydeco music wafted from stereo speakers.

The weather was perfect for outside dining, and against the coolness which would come, Mike had started a fire in the outdoor fireplace.

Mike had two big cookers going outside and when everything was finished, he carried over the pot insert and dumped onto the table a veritable feast of shrimp, crawfish, potatoes, boiled eggs, mushrooms, corn on the cob, sausage, onions and artichokes. Amazing.

Ryan, Lindsay and Brody helped us celebrate. (The yellow tape? A couple of people at previous gatherings had missed the deck step and had fallen. Mike decided to put up warning tape. 🙂 We giggled, but no one fell!)

Mac came to the party too. Although he is not allowed to eat “people” food, he was dressed for the occasion.

Beautiful Brody, one of my great-grandsons.

The Birthday Pie was Razzleberry flavor. Whoops. Snapped the candles from the wrong side.

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