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Jerry and Bruno Magli

Summer road trip. Day 7, June 8, 2011

“There are usually a lot of people there when they open,” Brother Hogan had told Jerry on Tuesday, so on Wednesday morning, just a few minutes after the opening hour of ten, we walked through the doors of Last Chance. Last Chance is a liquidation type place run by Nordstrom Department Stores. The first stop when merchandise is moved from their regular stores are to discount centers called Nordstrom’s Rack. Merchandise that doesn’t sell there, then goes to Last Chance, as do items that have been returned for one reason of another.

Right away, Jerry found the shoes he needed. Black, size 10. He slipped into them, and they were as comfortable as a fine leather glove. The price was $39.99. We could tell they were of such fine quality that we checked them out on the internet, finding their price to be over $400.00 Bruno Magli shoes are made in Italy.

I found nothing. 😦