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Update on Injuries of Rev. Gary Weems/Rev. Jack Yonts

On Monday I wrote concerning Rev. Gary Weems, reporting the cable snapping of the elevator in which he was riding. Within the last hour, I received an update from those who have been with him at the hospital.

He appears to have no internal injuries, although at one point yesterday, his kidneys began to fail. The doctors were able to reverse that trend, and in that regard, today, he appears to be in satisfactory condition. Both his ankles are broken, and both feet are shattered. There is so much swelling that, at this point, surgeons are not able to operate. When he further stablizes, he will go home, wait for the swelling to recede, then he will be readmitted to the hospital for all the surgeries he will need.

Please continue to pray for Rev. Weems, for his family and for his church.

EDIT: It has just come to my attention that Rev. Jack Yonts, II, is also critically ill. I’ve created a link to his site here. Let us add him to our prayer list.

EDIT: Monday February 18 Rev. Jack Yonts continues to be in a life-threatening condition. Please continue to pray for him.

EDIT: Monday February 18th 5:oo pm Rev. Jack Yonts has gone home to be with our Lord.

Rev. Gary Weems has gone home from the hospital. From my understanding of reports, the shattering of his bones is so extreme that in the words of the surgeon, if we would try to operate now, the bones would just fall out. It is the nature of bones to heal, so over the next few weeks they will allow the bones to mend in their broken condition. When enough mending has taken place so that the bones are reconnected, they will then operate to bring about as much correction as is possible. He is in extreme need of prayer–has episodes of shivering and apprehension.

(I hope I am accurately depicting this medical condition, prognosis, and plan. I have no medical background, and I know lay people often misunderstand such things, but this is what I believe was relayed to me.)

The city of Terrell, private companies and other entities have rallied around their needs, providing gifts of money and services. The family is very grateful for these blessings.


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