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Oh, Baby

I had been in the birthing room with Rebecca for the duration of the long and difficult birth. Now, though, Nathaniel was born–healthy and lusty–little though, weighing less than 6 pounds. Maybe 20 or 30 minutes old, he was yelping as his father held him so the nurse took over a bottle. Right there, before our amazed eyes, before the amazed eyes of the nurse, he gulped down 2 ounces of formula. “Very unusual,” the nurse said.

It is clearly demonstrated that from birth some babies just downright love to eat, and to this day, Nathaniel has never lost his love for food. He’ll be 11 in a few weeks, long soared past the tiny baby stage, and now Rebecca guards his diet, encouraging him to eat more fruit and vegetables. I’ve been thinking he’s looking a bit hefty…until I met this little gentleman here. His name is Jilin. He lives in China. Take a look.

fat baby

Pictures by Camerapress posted on the Daily News.

He’s eight months old and weighs 41 pounds. His mom breastfeeds him 20 times a day.


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