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Citywide Ladies Bible Study

On Thursday morning, I finished my studying and made 10 copies of the material I would hand out. In the early afternoon, I whipped up a batch of excellent cookies, arranged them nicely on a plate, and covered them with stretchy Saran wrap. I think it was around 5:40 that I gathered my Bible, teaching notes, and sunglasses. I pecked Jerry good-bye.

After I slipped 10 slim bottles of water into our small red cooler and loaded it into the car, I drove around to the office here at DJs, clinked 10 dimes into the money jug, unlocked the little ice house, and poured a 7 pound bag of glittering ice over the water bottles. There. Now, I was set. At our ladies bible study we would nibble on freshly baked cookies, and swig icy water.

At the library, I unloaded my things at the curb, setting the plate of cookies atop the small cooler. A couple of teen-age boys sat about, and I playfully spoke to them, “Don’t you eat my cookies now.” They just looked at me, not displaying much of a sense of humor. Anyway, I parked the car, walked to my snack trove, found it to be undisturbed and carried it inside the building.

“What group?” asked the friendly security guard when I walked to his desk and asked to be admitted to my room.

“Christ Alive.”

“Oh, sure.” He unlocked both doors to the lovely conference room that seats 15 people. I arranged the snacks, my Bible and notes, then because I was early for the 6:30 Citywide Ladies Bible Study, I prowled around the library a bit.

At 6:10 I settled into my chair at the head of the long, wide table and waited for my eager students. I waited longer, looked at my watch, and waited more. No one came.

Well, I thought, I’ll stay a little longer in case they’re all caught in traffic. I helped myself to an icy water and a crisp cookie. Wiped my mouth daintily with a fine napkin. I waited.

At 7:10, I gathered my Bible, teaching notes, handouts, cookie plate and red ice chest. I perched sunglasses on my nose and walked to the car.

If I ever harbored any arrogant thoughts about the excellence of my teaching or visions of women wildly fighting for a chair at the City Wide Ladies Bible Study, it was soundly smacked on Thursday evening in Lake Havasu City, Az. I drove home, unloaded my things, sat myself down on the couch and waited for Jerry to finish showering.

“Care for a water?” I asked, when, looking puzzled, he walked into the living room.


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