Andrea Bocelli’s Mother Advised to Abort Him

From across the room this morning, as he read from Sunday’s LA Times, Jerry said, “Andrea Bocelli will be at Staples Center on December 10th.”

My heart leaped. “How much are the seats?” I asked. He didn’t know, so I quickly found the information on the internet. My heart sank; cheapest seat (last row in highest balcony) is $138.00, far beyond our budget for such an entertainment. Most expensive individual seat $1299.00, with a suite offered for $5960.00! Then, as my consolation prize because I am so fond of Andrea Bocelli, I went to YouTube and listened to a couple of pieces, with plans to later play some of his music here in our own home. (You may recall that when my son Michael gave me a Christmas gift of a Bocelli DVD last year, I posted about it and raised the subject of how a person would respond if being forced to choose between blindness or deafness. Interesting comments resulted.)

This is one of my favorites. Soaring, brilliant music.

While I was browsing his pieces, I came across the remarkable short video in which Andrea Bocelli tells of his mother being advised to abort him. Please view this unusual plea for LIFE. Please think anew of the terror of abortion, the agony, the loss.