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Another Foggy Sunday

Our home sets at an altitude of nearly 5000 feet in the San Bernardino Mountains of southern California with winters that are typically mild with only three or four significant snows in a season. Around 40 inches of rain fall during an average year. This has not been a typical year. We’re at 60 inches, and the winter–which season I generally love– hatefully drags on, as persistent as the ring of robocalls. The fog–since first light to this hour of early evening–has been as thick as cowboy coffee, and the thermometer hanging just outside my kitchen window refuses to stretch to the 40 degree mark. Within the last hour I saw a report of tornados touching down in central California, an extremely unusual situation.

So, for the second Sunday in a row, we did not go to church. We just don’t do fog. Last Sunday on my Facebook account I mentioned what a blessing internet live-streaming of church services is to Jerry and me, and how it provides the opportunity of being with groups of people all over the United States as they worship God. First thing this morning we went to church in Indianapolis with Pastor Mooney, then to Alexandria, La. with Pastor Mangun. We watched both Brother and Sister Larson minister in San Diego, then this afternoon Cherie Wilkins texted me a link to her church in Texas, pastored by Brother and Sister Tuttle.

Because we couldn’t go to regular church, we ate. Splurged. Indulged.

Sorghum Molasses

We’re now a bit on the lethargic side.

We’re warm and cozy.

Weather forecast: Rain all night. Possible snow from 1 to 3 am. Rain all day tomorrow.

Hmm. . .wonder what I can whip up!

Food Our home

Food for a Rainy Day

Here in California we are experiencing severe drought conditions; farmer’s crops are failing, and deadly fires are raging, especially in the northern part of the state. We woke this morning to dense fog, then throughout the day a steady rain poured from the sky. It’s a great day–dark, but wonderful, and one that called for a change in our plans.


We had thought to eat a light breakfast, then go down to the lodge at Lake Gregory for lunch. We both agreed we didn’t want to go anywhere, rather we wanted to enjoy the glorious, stormy weather, so Jerry carried in wood, set the fireplace to roaring, and I “set in” to cooking.

Breakfast would be hearty and delicious.




Gravy, bacon and eggs. Each person is entitled to his own opinion, but ask mine and I’ll tell you I think these items constitute the world’s finest breakfast.



The Kris Keyes family, our dear friends from Safford, AZ., recently sent us four jars of jelly they had whipped up in their kitchen. Today we chose to indulge in the mixed-berry variety. Slathered the jeweled sweetness on our hot, crunchy biscuits. Sweet butter drifted here and there within the fine morsels.


I’m pretty careful about not wasting food. When I have small bits of left-overs I place them in freezer bags with the thought of eventually using them to make soup. Perfect day to utilize these tasty morsels. In the drippings from the bacon, I sauted chopped onions, peppers, and celery in this pan, dumped in the soup bag things, added lots of water, a tablespoon of chicken broth power, pepper, and set the pot to simmer.

imageAlso in the freezer was a small bag of pecan pie mixture I had left over once when all the filling would not fit into the pie I was making. A frozen round of crust was also there. I whipped out these tiny pans, rolled out the crust, poured in the filling, added a few pecans, and shoved them into a hot oven.


We’ve eaten all the breakfast items. Same with the soup. All delicious. Now waiting on the counter are these two little pies. In an hour or so, I’ll turn on the Keurig, brew a couple of cups of strong coffee, and we will indulge.

What a day. Over 2 1/2 inches of rain. Food fit for royalty.