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Jessica’s Birthday Pizza Party and Photo Shoot

Her birthday is Saturday, and she is so sweet and so beautiful, that Tuesday night I asked Jessica, “Want to go out for a little photo shoot?”

“Sure, Granny. Like that a lot.”

Our little party grew. I invited Melody to go with us because she’s an amateur photographer also, and she’s interested in Jessica and her well-being, and Melody said when I asked her to join us, “Why don’t we have pizza, too?”

I invited Rosalinda and at first she said yes, then remembered an appointment, but she would pick up the pizza and take Jessica to our meeting place at the park. “White pizza would be good,” Jessica suggested for she was familiar with Ken’s pizza place. Around 5:30 we all arrived at the park bench for the hastily arranged birthday party. They giggled as I drew DSC_0016from my bag yellow place mats, birthday napkins, white paper plates (referring to them as our china) and plastic forks (which we pretended was sterling silver, but which no one used!) I also plunked down cans of diet coke and the celebration was ready. It was scrumptious, and Rosalinda was able to stay just long enough for the great meal.

My recent increased interest in photography, and my acquiring a nice set of Hoya magnifying lenses so that I’ve spent a fair amount of time with bugs, flowers and water DSC_0015drops has enabled me to have acquired now a small portfolio of rather nice shots. But although they’re cute as can be, they’re still bugs and rose petals and watery drops. I was wanting now to tackle portraits…and her birthday was coming up…thus the photo shoot with the birthday girl, Jessica.

An indication of my inexperience and ineptitude was that I was lacking in a distinct plan and location for the portraits, but the grassy area just behind our picnic table was beautiful, and the light was perfect. The light was important to me because I don’t have a separate flash unit, and had decided to use only ambient light. We would shoot awhile there, then drive over to the bridge, for the gorgeous sky filled with cotton-candy clouds promised a striking sunset.

Everything went well, and I knew I was getting some good shots, then all of a sudden when my camera wouldn’t snap,  I looked down and my indicator reported a full card. Full? How could that be? Impossible, for I had taken only 30 or so snaps, and had come to the shoot with nearly a full card. But there it was. Full. I took out the card, blew on it, reinserted it, removed and replaced the battery. Nothing…and I didn’t have a spare card. Had one at home. 😦 (learned a lesson there.) I had used that same card for years and supposed it had just worn out.

Later as I loaded my pictures onto the computer, I noted at the bottom of the pictures the word, RAW…and then I knew. Somehow (no idea how it happened) my camera settings had been changed so that I was shooting in RAW mode (which most serious photographers do, but which I had never done). RAW takes significantly more memory that other shooting modes.

So, we didn’t get over to the bridge, didn’t get sunset pictures with beautiful Jessica in the foreground, but we’ll do it all later…and I learned a lot yesterday afternoon.

Later on my photography blog, I’ll post some of the other pictures I took of my beautiful granddaughter. Happy birthday, Jessica.

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Happy 108th Birthday, Olive


Picture from her site……………………………….

EDIT: JULY 13, 2008 On Saturday, July 12, Olive Riley slipped from this earth to the chambers of eternity. More about that here.

When I wrote about her, she was only 107 years old, but through the peculiar doings of a typo and the mere flip of a keystroke, I added a year to her already remarkably aged life, calling her 108. Now, feisty Olive Riley continues to defy the norm, is indeed 108 and recently celebrated with a wild birthday party. The link takes you right to the video that shows school children singing, her birthday cake and her blowing out the candles…and the wild part. It’s a scream.

Olive who lives on the central coast of South Wales maintains her own blog–which she once called a blob–and has with good reason been called The World’s Oldest Blogger. She’s adorable and quite witty. If you have time to check around, you will find lots of material on the internet.

I’ve gone to her site and posted birthday greetings, and in addition I’m using my site to wish her a very happy birthday, continued health, energy, life, and the eternal blessings of God. Let’s make this a gigantic card for this remarkable and blessed woman, Olive Riley. Please add your greeting, and I’ll let her know the card is here.


My devotional blog is here.