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Day 3 of 16 with the Grands *Winston’s Birthday Party*


Pappy needed a little help with a couple of things to spruce up the Buxton place, so Nathaniel came up to join with Cole and Brady for an hour or so of yard work.


Ella baked a cake with the help of Brady and Duncan Hines, I found three candles in a party drawer, and we invited Rebecca’s Paisley, and Shelby, the yellow lab who lives across the street. Wednesday was Winston’s birthday, so of course we must throw him a party.


dsc_4459We tied gold ribbon around Winston to dress him up a bit, we served doggy treats on party paper plates, but the celebration did not last too long. Shelby and Winston don’t get along too well, and Winston kept barking at his beautiful neighbor. The party broke up after about three minutes and Brady snapped on Shelby’s leash on and took her home.


The youngsters’ Pappy didn’t seem too impressed with the party favors, but he played along.

dsc_4469Later we showed Winston his birthday cake, helped him blow out the candles, then we ate generous squares of the luscious chocolate. We did feed him a sweet crumb or two.

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Rebecca Has A Birthday

20141019-untitled (7 of 21)The years zip by, and my baby girl has long passed those infant, toddler, teenage–even the young adult ages, and now rests securely in her middle years, as beautiful and sweet as ever.

20141019-untitled (8 of 21)A couple of days ago she and I spent several hours together, and in a simple way  celebrated her birthday. We ate a couple of restaurant meals, attended a political gathering in Glendale, then she arranged her guestroom bed in a comfy way, and I spent the night with her. In the morning we drank coffee together and engaged again in sweet conversation.

20141019-untitled (9 of 21)My daughter is kind and gentle, truly a Christian, an exceptional mother. She also is strong, or she would not be alive. Among women, there is none more caring than my Rebecca. She inquires after her dad and me and caters to us in many ways. She is giving and generous to all she meets–perhaps to a fault.

How could I have known on that long ago day in October the joy and love that Rebecca would bring to our family. How blessed I am.


If you know Rebecca, I’d love for you to leave a comment here. 🙂

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An Anniversary

It snowed, they say, that day in the deep south state of Louisiana when he was born. Now, here he is today 82 years old. Gerald Buxton, my hubby.


We planned a simple day–some last minute shopping for our big trip that is just days away now, a stop at the pharmacy, a little business at the bank, and a run by Costco for fuel and for treats for Winston. Throughout the day our children called to wish him a happy day, as did several of the grandchildren

“I’m taking you out for dinner for your birthday,” I had told him previously and he decided on the Cheesecake Factory where he would order their Jambalya. But as the day wore on, and we were miles away from the designated restaurant, he talked himself into settling for Cocos which was much closer to home and where he would order the Oriental Chicken Salad. As we entered the restaurant, we both stared at the bountiful, beautiful pies in the glass case, and I said, “We could take one of those home for your birthday.” But through the meal as we ate our delicious food, we decided I would whip up a coconut cream pie at home.

I did.


Winston whimpered. . .

Image. . .and because it was a party . . .


. . . and because that little pup is spoiled . . . rotten, I tell you.


Anyway, it’s Jerry’s birthday, and I cannot imagine my life without him . . .so, I’m wishing lots more pies and cakes. Many more celebrations–rare, elaborate, or simple. But there.


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A Particular Day

Relationships are the nib and ink whose line pivots to mark the canvas of our lives. Rich are we whose relationships are many and varied; relationships of differing tones, of diverse depth–some many-layered, others thin, a mere wisp as we pass on this universal trail. Congruent–and inevitable–concerning those with which we have a rich connection is certain pain and certain joy. For of such is life, and those who can bear truth must speak these words. Only those so inclined will dare.


I looked across the table yesterday and admired Shawnna, the wife of our youngest child, Andrew. Yesterday was her birthday–her 41st, so Jerry and I traveled down to San Diego to have breakfast/lunch with Shawnna, Andrew and two of their children, Chloe and Gentry. Andrew chose a place in beautiful Point Loma, and we sat at little round tables near the sidewalk for a couple of hours, munching and talking.

Shawnna has never said an unkind word to me in the more than 20 years that now she has been a part of the Buxton family. She is elegant, tall and willowy and is of a distinct and quiet bearing. She is intelligent. She is a loyal wife, and when their family has faced significant challenges, she has not once complained within my earshot. She has birthed five exceptional children. I’ve never seen one of her babies dirty or neglected.


“Look at these little vases,” she said to me across the table, and she lifted the tiny arrangement, its orange flower aglow in the ocean air, for of the small she can take notice.

A man walked past us as he left the cafe, dressed in white from head to toe. To Andrew I said, “Wonder what his occupation is?”

“Rich. That’s real. He’s probably very rich.” And on the way to our car, I saw the man again. “His chauffeur is picking him up,” Andrew said. ImageI wondered at his life–his pain, his joy.

A tremendous conclusion to a delightful day was that we brought Chloe and Gentry home with us, and in San Bernardino we stopped by Rebecca’s house, took in three pizzas from Pizza Hut, ate them, swooped up Nathaniel, and roared up Highway 18 to 138, to our home in beautiful Crestline.

We laid easy plans last night for the three teen-age grandchildren. They’re going to the lake today, taking food and fishing poles, and money to rent little boats. Right now, though, they’re still asleep. So much for early morning adventure.



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Birthday . . . life’s progression . . .

It wasn’t an exceptionally important birthday, his 41st, except that every birthday is an important one. . . for all of us. He passed another milestone, did Andrew Buxton, my youngest child. I know him rather well, and understand the past 12 months have been challenging for him, as they have for many people. I’m proud of Andrew, for many reasons, but in my eyes his most significant trait is that he is a man of God. He is a tremendous preacher, highly anointed by the Holy Ghost. He has faced some fierce challenges and has emerged victorious, having maintained his integrity with God.

“No big celebration,” he told me when I called earlier in the week to plan time with him on his birthday. “Meet us at El Pollo Grill at 5:30,” he said in a later phone call. We had such a great visit that it was after 8:00 before we left the restaurant.

Is it from time immemorial that little boys have made horns on people during group photographs? Love all those people there!

I had walked toward the car when I looked down the sidewalk and saw Andrew standing alone with his dad. Such scenes always touch me and cause me to consider anew life and its swift progression.

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Birthday Doings Day Three

It’s Sunday morning here in beautiful San Diego and I’m freezing. I have to sit outside to use the internet and it’s cold, so this will be short. In fact the post will consist of my favorite picture from yesterday and these few comments. We were all sitting at the outside area of downtown Anthony’s when I snapped the picture. Reflected in Shawnna’s glasses are Melina and two coke cups. I love it! We had a blast yesterday eating, visiting, laughing, and walking about Seaport Village.

Oh, I’ll add one more. It’s my beautiful granddaughter Chloe, telling me, (from across the table at Lido’s) how much she loves me! Well, I’m not sure she was saying that, but I can believe, can’t I. Love you too, my readers–family and friends! Have a blessed Sunday.


The Days of My Birthday

Okay, okay I know you’re gasping in anticipation of a word from me so that you may know of the days leading up to my birthday–my 72nd–which is today, July 24, 2010! Unbelievable. How did I ever get this old?

Anyway, on Wednesday night after church we drove from our motor home in Lake Havasu, (where, by the way, the temperature at 8:30 pm was 106 degrees) to our delightful 5000- feet-high place in Crestline (where the coolness was of such degree that we had to pull up a down comforter as we prepared to sleep that night.) Lamps had been lighted in the house, a fresh package of Raspberry Danish was on the kitchen counter, as was a bowl piled high with just-picked garden vegetables. We knew. Our sweet daughter had driven up the hill from San Bernardino and cozied up the house for us. “I couldn’t stand the thoughts of you arriving there in the middle of the night with the house being all dark.” I’ve told you before: I have the world’s greatest daughter. Her name is Rebecca.

On Thursday Jerry did yard work, I toiled over the washer and the dryer, and in the afternoon, Rebecca came up and visited with us for several hours. We lolled about, ate chili and split pea soup that I heated from cans, read books and newspapers, and went to bed early.

On Friday, we traipsed down the hill, and after Jerry got a hair cut, we met Rebecca at Patrick and Holly’s, then all piled in their van and drove to a Fish House for my birthday dinner. It was scrumptious. Rebecca had baked a chocolate cake, so after our dinner we all indulged. There were candles, laughter, a present, and best of all…an impromptu quartet that held forth with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday belted out in opera fashion.

What a blessed person am I!

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Happy Birthday to Me


I almost let the day pass without remembering that today is my birthday. On February 14th, 2006, I wrote the first post on my blog. I am 2 years old! Cute, aren’t I!

Sure hope at least one person sings to me. 🙂