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And So Went the 2nd Anniversary Services

It is Sunday evening, the dedication festivities are over, all the company is gone, and Jerry and I are alone here in the motor home. If all was not perfect, it was so close as to never be remembered otherwise.

…except that for the opening service on Friday evening we had carpet in only half the building…then at 5:00 on Saturday morning, Ken, the carpet layer, let himself in the building, and by 5 minutes before 10:00, had the job finished. It is beautiful.

More beautiful was the quality of every service, the visitation of God, our wonderful visitors–family, friends and new people from Lake Havasu. Guest singers blessed us, Brother Keyes’ preaching was outstanding as usual, Brother Branks’ testimony was striking, Rebecca baked and brought over from her home in California 300 cookies, and she and Rosalinda served them after church. It was a marvelous time.

The best part? Five people received the Holy Ghost!

Our son Andrew opened the service with a time of worship.


Denae Abbott joined her parents in uplifting music. At 15, Denae just dsc_00162released her first CD. She wrote 6 of the songs on the project.

Charley Branks spent most of his adult life in prison, and finally had been sentenced to over 200 years in the penitentiary. During his time of incarceration, he began seeking God; God revealed His word to Brother Branks and filled him with the Holy Ghost. He was dsc_00331baptized in Jesus name, then miraculously received a full parole. He is now a successful businessman, who has been serving God for more than 30 years–a unique, dynamic testimony.

Randy Keyes ministered dsc_00391in a powerful, anointed way.

Dale received dsc_0057the Holy Ghost!

Andrea received dsc_0051the Holy Ghost!

Dustin received the dsc_00301Holy Ghost!

George received dsc_0017the Holy Ghost!

Numerous ministers honored us by attending all or part of our three-day dedication/anniversary services. Among those were Gary Hogan, superintendent of the Arizona district, Robert Allen, secretary of the Arizona District, and Rick Faulkner, regional director of Spirit of Freedom. With his wife and three small sons, our grandson Joel drove all the way from Carson City, Nevada, a 10-hour drive, to be with us on Friday night. Early Saturday morning, they drove back for their own services on Sunday.

To everyone who contributed in any way, we say thank you. It was a tremendous time of worship, ministry and of fellowship.

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Christ Alive Progress

Quite surprising is that the acoustics are excellent in the part of our new building that is the sanctuary. When we first plugged in our PA system (the one Mike bought at a pawn shop and that we had used in our tiny place over on Holly) and someone spoke through a mic, and I played notes on the keyboard we were astonished at the clarity and excellence of the sound. dsc_0029The ceiling is high with open rafters, and the walls are cement blocks: I anticipated problems with the acoustics, but the sound has proved excellent with no problems at all.

We spent quite a lot of time deciding on the placement of the platform, then, when  we all agreed, Mike called in one of his crews to do the work. They covered the cement blocks on the west wall with steel studs, stuffed in great blocks of insulating material, then hung drywall sheets.

Into the cement floor, they shot nails or screws or something to hold the metal studs that became the base for the 20×10 platform. One of our sweet new saints donated the lumber to finish it off–1 and 1/8 inch tongue and groove plywood–strong enough to support a camel, I think, just in case we ever get carried away with a Christmas drama!

“Mom, you’ll want to come see this,” Mike said to me as I worked in the church office.

I followed him into the sanctuary where I saw a couple of men strapping tall stilts onto their legs: one of them having a doubled-up set. When professional drywall men are working on very high walls, instead of using ladders and moving them around, dsc_0127they utilize stilts. It was amazing. They walked about as though nothing unusual was happening, even stepping off and onto the platform. When I looked straight up at one, his feet were higher than my head!

In his warehouse, Mike had a 5 gallon can of paint, whose cover read: Swiss Coffee. He sent over a painter and the paint, but when it was opened, it was not like any Swiss Coffee paint anyone has ever seen, but is a mix of moss green and taupe, I would say. He did a great job, though, and the color is quite pleasant. Anyway, almost any color will blend with cement and commercial grade plywood, wouldn’t you say.

So at church on Sunday, we had a real platform with a pulpit on it, a keyboard, and a couple of chairs. It was neat. Now, we’re scrounging around for carpet. dsc_0132Any of you who live near those carpet mills in Dalton, GA. or know where we can get a “killer deal” on carpet out here on the West Coast, I’d love to hear from you.

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On the Move with Christ Alive!

Last Sunday we held church services in our new facilities; a beautiful building, whose existence neither Jerry or I had known of merely a week before. dsc_0036Not only did we have church there, but after the morning worship, we hosted a free Thanksgiving dinner, serving 50 pounds of ham and 75 pounds of turkey, with all the trimmings of course.

It came down this way: As many of you know, for the past year and a half, Jerry and I have worked toward establishing a church in Lake Havasu, AZ. A tremendous blessing has been the use of a large room within the Tiger Trenching building, which Mike’s friend Darin Craig supplied to us at no charge of any kind. We have paid no rent, nor any money toward the utilities we have used. We offered repeatedly, of course, but Mr. Craig always said, “No, there will be no charge.”

We outgrew that blessing, though, and must find a new place: suddenly, and quickly, it all moved into place. On Monday Jerry and I met with a broker who showed us various properties, several of which we thought would work. On Tuesday we looked again, and as we walked from a building on Kiowa, dsc_0002I strolled over to the empty place next door and peered through the windows. “What about this one?” I asked. There was no lock box, nor sale or lease postings on the windows.

“I don’t have the information concerning this place, but I can learn who the owner is through the tax rolls. ”

“Look, there’s a sign posted out by the street,” I said.

Sure enough, there was a large sign erected, the broker took down the information, made a phone call, and in minutes here came someone to open the building. It was perfect, but I knew instinctively it was much more expensive than what we could afford, by any stretch.

We had seen the reception area, noted the four office/classrooms, the minuscule kitchen, the fine bathrooms, and now as we rounded the corner that led into the warehouse section that would be converted into our sanctuary, I exclaimed, “Oh, no!”

“What’s wrong?” the lady who had brought the key asked, as she looked with concern at me.

“It’s perfect,” I responded, “but I’m sure we cannot afford it.”

But it was to be, and on Thursday evening, dsc_0009Jerry signed the lease. By Sunday morning, everything was in place for our first service. dsc_0070It was unbelievable how rapidly and smoothly the transition had been. On Saturday night, Jerry and I looked like this.

By Sunday morning, every detail had been arranged, including a computer generated sign which we stuck onto the door at our old location: We’ve Moved! Jerry was there at 9:00 to meet those who hadn’t heard of the move, led them to the new place, and about 9:15, the first words were spoken in our new Christ Alive! facility.


The meal afterwards was scrumptious. Tell you more later.