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Pieces of Wonder

Part of the amazement is of me–my body, mind, memory, emotions. That I came fully formed from the simple love of my mother and father, and that now I too am a mother–of four magnificent beings who have beautiful bodies, minds, and spirits truly amazes me.

Outside my windows tonight the wind blows, and though even on sunny days I cannot see the wind, I know it is there, for it lifts tree branches and puts them down again as easily as I flag a silky scarf through the air, and it tears around the corners of our tall house and howls. I hear the wind. It’s raining too, soft rain. They had said there was only a 20 percent chance of rain, but we are of the 20 of the hundred tonight, the lucky ones. untitled (6 of 15)I imagined I heard rain against a bedroom window a while ago, so I peered out and saw that the driveway was wet and that the bushes that are illuminated by the yard light were shiny and drippy. “It’s raining, Jerry,” I said. It has been clear though. Just a few nights ago, the moon was so bright through our high uncurtained windows, I believe I could have read a book page at midnight. This early morning as we drank coffee I looked through the ascending branches of a wide oak tree just beyond our front deck, and there in the branch tops I saw the moon. It was not fat as before, but a fragment of itself.

It takes faith to believe in God and I have that faith. If I did not, logic would nevertheless pull me into the believer’s corner, for it is much more sane to believe that a Creator is responsible for the glory and wonder of the earth and for the beauty of our bodies and minds, than to think all this came from nothing and from no one.

Near our front entrance stairs is a large stone planter which in summer is a riot of flowers–annuals which I change out each year. In the late fall, I pulled out the remaining dried-up fragments and planted bulbs in there. I don’t remember what kind of bulbs I planted, for within a short span, Jerry and I planted 200 bulbs. But in a loose-leaf binder in the potting shed, I have a list of everything we planted, so I will find out what is to grow there. The potting shed is really not a shed at all, but is actually a basement room with an exterior untitled (13 of 15)wall of glass and door. I call it a potting shed because it has pots in it, rakes, planting mix, the wheelbarrow, shovels, and such. But, back to the stone planter. 🙂 We’ve had record-breaking cold here in the San Bernardino Mountains this winter, but mixed up with days of very warm weather . . . so we have flowers blooming, even though it is projected that in a couple of days we can expect a storm to dump several inches of snow on us.

. . . the stone planter. Around Thanksgiving I piled on top of the dirt in the planter a mound of huge untitled (1 of 15)pine cones, and during the days of Christmas, I tied one of them up with a wide red bow. A few days ago when I noticed a sweep of blooming yellow daffodils, I got to thinking about the bulbs in the planter. I moved aside the heavy cones, and there poking up from the earth were determined, green shoots. untitled (2 of 15)

If there is anything that reinforces my belief in God, it is a flower bulb. They’re brown, wrinkled up, and papery when you dig a hole in the fall and stick them into the ground. Down inside those little morsels, though, is magic. Surprise. Determination. Plan. They know to push up when it’s time, They know to be a yellow daffodil or a pink tulip, or a lily, and though I’ll have to check my notebook to know, they already know who they are, and what they are to do. God made them that way.

It takes faith to believe in God. I have that faith and lots of evidence. Pieces of wonder.


Why I’m Glad I Believe in God–Part 2

Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellow.” Hebrews 1:9


·        Belief in God helps me understand David’s response when he saw the ark coming—that lowly symbol of The High God. He stripped off his tunic and “danced mightily before the Lord.” 

Although I have never thrown aside a tunic and danced before an ark, I’m glad that action is not a mystery to me, nor foreign to my thinking. I’m glad the very presence of God strikes both a physical and a spiritual response within the depth of my soul.

I’m glad I understand weeping in His presence.

·        I delight in the comprehension that even if I’m a “failure,” I’m still a valuable being.

I think often of the 11th chapter of Hebrews that tells extraordinary accounts of miracles and deliverance. Then—right in the middle of verse 35 –come these stunning words: “…and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection. And others had trial of cruel mocking and scourging, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment;

They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented: (of whom the world was not worthy) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth.”

Listen, though, to the concluding remarks. Verse 39 “And these all, having obtained a good report through faith…”

I’m glad I believe in God and His righteous judgments; that I understand His mind and Being to exceed human reasoning and value.

·        I’m glad for the practical help I find in the Bible.

Markers are there, warnings and sound advice. Though we are generations removed from their origination, these ancient writings are fresh as frolicking lambs. Their instructions are relevant and, when followed, lead to enduring marriages, stable families and the development of upstanding citizens.

·        The United States of America is commonly referred to as being founded on Judeo/Christian principles.

I’m glad I believe in God, His Word and His principles, and that I have seen them produce the finest country in the world.

·        There is something within the human being that strikes an affinity for mysticsm, elevated feelings, and other-worldy feelings.

 We are attracted to vision, dreams, and “impossible” happenings. Millions of people “shoot-up” with narcotics and inhale hallucinogens in order to feed that craving.

Not so with a Christian, for such a person is enveloped by a heavenly “high” and thus escapes the cravings and chains of alcohol and drug addictions. Serving God and investing deeply into Him satisfies that need. It is at once highly practical and wonderfully mysterious to be a child of God, not easily told, not fully understood. It’s of another world.

·        I love the understanding that God chose me, that I’m now of a royal nation.

I’m glad I believe I’m set apart, love to think that God ordained my birth.

·        I’m glad I believe in God because it has given me the opportunity to see people transformed.

Too many thousands of times to precisely chart, I have watched a man walk to a pulpit, and have seen the holy anointing envelope him to such degree that it was as though another person stood before me.

I’ve seen alcoholics and drug addicts delivered from cruel enslavement by the power of God. If I were a skeptic, I would be blinded to such things.

·        I’m glad I cherish the physical book of God, the Bible. I’m glad for its comfort and familiarity.

Seemingly a mere volume of paper and paste, in truth, dwelling within the pages of The Holy Bible are the everlasting words of life.

·        I’m glad I believe in God so that such discoveries as the Dead Sea Scrolls hold greatest significance for me.

These are exceedingly more than crumbling papers in clay pots. Archeological finds from Biblical lands take on great significance for me. I thrill in the understanding that they far exceed the mere sighting of fallen columns or a look at scattered pottery shards.

·        I’m glad I understand my mission in life is to help spread the word of the only saving gospel—that of Jesus Christ.

I’m glad God called me into His work, glad He called my children, for it is the greatest life in the world. When my children were at home, I often reminded them; “Do you realize the greatest men that walk this earth sit on our couch and eat with you around our table, and often sleep in your bed?” And to another as he was now a pastor himself, and we had spent time talking of scripture and of God, “Do you understand how advantaged you are? You get paid to do this.”

I am an incredibly blessed woman…and I’m glad I believe in God.

There is a reason that every generation looks to an inky star-spangled heaven and hurls aloud the ancient questions: Why am I here? Is there a reason? Is there order? What is the plan?

I’m glad I believe in God and in His Holy Word, for within that belief I find the ultimate answer to life’s greatest questions…that of God, of eternity, and of purpose.


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