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Bible Study Night in Safford

Summer road trip. Day 21, Wednesday June 22, 2011

Rebecca is checking our post office box in Crestline once a week and sending the mail we need. In the last batch, there was communication from Brother Stoneking saying he was willing to critique my manuscript: BACKSLIDING…the bitter bite of beelzebub. So, on Wednesday morning, I bundled up a copy, wrote a few thank you notes to friends, and made a post office run.

It was a very hot day, so instead of gadding about the country side for pictures, I snapped a few shots inside the post office.

The highlight of the day was the Wednesday evening service at Harvest Tabernacle. Following a good session of worship–excellent music here–the women moved into the fellowship hall, while the men stayed in the auditorium. Brother Keyes had asked Jerry and me to teach a lesson to men and women respectively. The best part! At the end of the women’s session, a backslider named Francis began fervently praying, and in a few minutes was fluently speaking in tongues! It was wonderful. As I understand it, 20 years ago she and her family were intensely involved in the church here in Safford.

A wonderful conclusion to Day 21 of our long summer trip.