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A couple of hours ago in the library checkout line, I stood behind a cheerful looking group consisting of two fairly young, attractive women, with five well-dressed children–children ranging from 5 or 6 to 10 years old, I would say. The women were conversing as I joined the line.

“Well, did you get remarried,” said one lady to the other.

“Uhh, no. I didn’t. But we have two kids together.”She waved a hand toward a couple of the youngsters.

“Same with me. We have three. I’ll never get married again.”

It made me sad.

It made me sad because of the children. It made me sad because of their daddies. It made me sad because of their mommies. It made me sad because of their pappys and of their grannys. It made me sad because of our country. It made me sad because of our world. It made me sad because of God’s Word.

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Chugging to the Grand Canyon


 Today is our anniversary, Jerry and I, and we are off  to see again the majestic Grand Canyon. God has blessed us with 52 wonderful years together and we’re both excited about our little trip.

W’re leaving Lake Havasu at 6:30 heading for Williams, AZ which is about 160 miles away. There we will board a train for a rail journey of a little more than two hours, our destination being the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We will spend the night in a lodge there, and around 3:00 on Saturday will reboard for the return trip to Williams. Sounds like fun, huh?

One of the web sites describes the trip in this way:

Grand Canyon Railway TrainStep aboard Grand Canyon Railway for a trip to the Majestic Grand Canyon you’ll never forget. Feel the rumble of a vintage train as the engine chugs 65 miles across beautiful Northern Arizona countryside. The train offers kaleidoscopic views of the San Francisco Peaks and rolls through valleys adorned in wild flowers, dense pine forest, high desert plains and small canyons.

The excitement begins at the historic 1908 Williams Depot. Before the train departs you can enjoy a wild west shootout featuring the Cataract Creek Gang in an outdoor theater, visit the free railroad museum or browse through the gift shops.

Conductor of the Grand Canyon RailwayOn hearing the train whistle pierce the fresh morning air, beckoning passengers for a trip, a vintage steam engine pulls the train from Memorial Day through September 30. (A vintage diesel engine does the job the remainder of the year.) Uniformed coach attendants provide you with white-gloved courtesy and service. Aboard the train, enjoy the tunes of strolling musicians who conduct sing-a-longs, an old west train robbery and the antics of western characters as they recreate train travel as it was in 1901.

The train arrives at the historic 1910 Grand Canyon Depot. It is among three remaining log depots still in operation in the United States. Buildings like the El Tovar Hotel, Hopi House and Bright Angel Lodge salute arriving guests as they pull into the station and disembark from the train. Set unobtrusively among the landscape, Grand Canyon Village gives no hint of the majesty that lay beyond.


I’ll be taking lots of pictures and when we return will tell of our great adventures.


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Masche Sextuplets Have Their First Birthday

Sextuplets / AP

Lots of people have come to my blog looking for news of the Masche sextuplets, whom you may recall live in Lake Havasu. At the time of their birth, as you can imagine our town was abuzz with the news. I wrote about them at that time here and here.

It’s been a year now, since the doctor showed that little one to his mother. All the babies are very healthy, progressing normally, and seem to have none of the problems that are often associated with multiple births.

Our local paper had quite a write-up last week, but I can’t seem to get the link to work, so I’m bringing you news from the Tucson Citizen.

Six isn’t the only number in the Masches’ lives. Since welcoming their children into the world a year ago, numbers and schedules, from medical bills to diapers, have sent the couple’s heads spinning.
24: Number of bottles prepared each day.
5: Loads of laundry a day.
2: Number of washing machines in the house. Also the number of days Jenny may go without showering.
20,000: Diapers collected.
during a Phoenix-area drive.
46: Ounces of powdered formula used at each feeding.
36-45: Diaper changes in one day.
$240: Cost for well-child visits for all six kids ($40 co-pay for each).
3: Kids bathed each day: girls one day, boys the next.
12: Hours of sleep the kids get each night.
Blessed with an even temperament, Jenny takes in stride the ups and downs of mothering six kids at once. “You just don’t have an option,” she said. “You can hate every day or love every day. So I love every day.”
Hers begins at 7 a.m. That’s when the babies start to rustle in their cribs, waking up by chattering to each other. Jenny listens in on the monitor. All of the kids are in the same room, each in his or her own crib.
If they awake before 7, they have learned to wait.
“Bottles don’t come until 7,” Jenny explained.
From the Tucson Citizen


Bailey is full of surprises, is sneaky, very clever and knows how to get private attention.
Here’s a good link with lots of info and a very neat video. Guess what. Jenny Masche just ran a marathon. Not kidding. Take a look.
I hope to see the babies out and about some day in Lake Havasu, but so far I haven’t. An amazing story of a uniquely blessed family.
My devotional blog is here.