Arizona Photography Road Trip Journal

Fires in Sierra Vista

Summer road trip. Day 14 Wednesday, June 15

The smoky skies caught our attention as we drove into Sierra Vista on Tuesday. This morning we had errands to run, so we drove closer to the area where the fires are raging. They are worse today, with more persons being evacuated in the canyon areas surrounding the city. We haven’t heard whether this has included any people from the church here in Sierra Vista.

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Christianity/Religion Road Trip Journal

Services at Sierra Vista, AZ.

Summer road trip. Day 13, Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A bit after 10:00, we left Tucson and drove the less than 100 miles to Sierra Vista, AZ. We parked our rig, ate lunch, took naps, and finished preparing for the evening service. The pastor Brother Phil O’Bryan had asked me to teach a lesson to the women, while Jerry would be teaching the men. A sweet group of people gathered, and we had great sessions.

Fires are raging in the mountains around here. More than one of the families who were at church were on evacuation standby. The pastor called us to special prayer for those who had already lost homes, for those who are threatened, and for the firefighters who are working diligently to bring these fires under control.