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A Nature Park Day

Star of Our visit, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Around 9:00 on Thursday morning, Melody and Bernadine came by to pick up Chloe and me for our day trip to the Keepers of the Wild Nature Park. DSC_0048We spent a couple of hours at the facility which is an hour and a half away from Lake Havasu. It was hot and we had to do quite a bit of walking, but we had a great time.

In the office they had told Melody and the girls that the day before an ostrich had laid an egg, and that they had removed the egg, for (as I understand) they do not want to breed these animals at that particular facility. The male ostrich is the one who sets on the egg, and he was upset when they removed the egg.

When we reached the ostrich enclosure, we saw that another egg had been laid, and the girls went back to ask in the office if they knew about this. No, they didn’t and they would pick up the egg. Chloe doesn’t think ostrichs are at all appealing.

The Capuchin monkeys like the one pictured above were favorites. Adorable little creature.

The tigers were beautiful; sleek and healthy looking They romped and played, leaping and chasing each other. Sometimes one would lift a fat, furry paw and bat around his fellow cat.

After we left the park, we stopped in Kingman at the Cracker Barrel for lunch. Luscious.

After we arrived home, the girls changed their clothes, and roared around in the clubhouse swimming pool for about three hours.

It was Chloe’s last full day with us…a great day.

Melody is one of our neighbors here in the park and the delight of her life is her granddaughter Bernadine, who lives in Missouri, but who flew into Las Vegas on Wednesday and who will spend the next few weeks with her Nana–Melody. They leave Sunday morning for an extended automobile trip–Yellowstone, Cody, Zion, Rushmore…and on to Wisconsin, where Melody has another home beside this one here in Lake Havasu. On the return trip to Arizona Melody will take Bernadine home. They are delightful people…and I wish them a great trip, safe, with lots of fun.


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Dog Show Opens Today in New York

(c) Magnum Photos

Picture and more information from Westminster Kennel Club website. 

This looks to be a feisty affair. If you’re about New York City today, take a look and let us know your take on this dog show. If you see this poodle, say hello for me. 🙂 Isn’t that a startling picture?

The Westminster Kennel Club 132nd Annual Dog Show

Monday and Tuesday, February 11-12, 2008
Madison Square Garden
Pennsylvania Plaza
Seventh to Eighth Avenues and 31st to 33rd Streets
New York, New York

America’s First and Only Champions Only Dog Show Entry limited to 2,500 dogs


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