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Birthday . . . life’s progression . . .

It wasn’t an exceptionally important birthday, his 41st, except that every birthday is an important one. . . for all of us. He passed another milestone, did Andrew Buxton, my youngest child. I know him rather well, and understand the past 12 months have been challenging for him, as they have for many people. I’m proud of Andrew, for many reasons, but in my eyes his most significant trait is that he is a man of God. He is a tremendous preacher, highly anointed by the Holy Ghost. He has faced some fierce challenges and has emerged victorious, having maintained his integrity with God.

“No big celebration,” he told me when I called earlier in the week to plan time with him on his birthday. “Meet us at El Pollo Grill at 5:30,” he said in a later phone call. We had such a great visit that it was after 8:00 before we left the restaurant.

Is it from time immemorial that little boys have made horns on people during group photographs? Love all those people there!

I had walked toward the car when I looked down the sidewalk and saw Andrew standing alone with his dad. Such scenes always touch me and cause me to consider anew life and its swift progression.

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Ordination of Joel Buxton

By the Laying on of Hands, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.
Nothing in my life is so precious as the distinct realization of God’s having honored us to such degree that several of our family have been divinely called into the ministry. It is with profound humility that I even consider such reality, and it is with the absolute knowledge that none of us, in any way, deserves such holy honor and opportunity to be consecrated for such mission. I am awed by our extraordinary circumstances and hallowed benefits.
My grandson Joel is the latest to be so privileged, and on Sunday night at Hilltop Tabernacle, my eldest child, Steve, preached the ordination sermon to his son, Joel. He’s my son, and you know how mothers are, so take it with a grain of salt, but I doubt you will ever hear better preaching than that coming from my son, Steve. He is singularly gifted by God…and with all meekness do I say this, for such gift is only from God, and without Him, we are but stammering, vacuous beings.
Jerry had the rare and blessed opportunity to pray the ordination prayer. Such a moving moment this was, and I was especially touched, as Jerry laid his hand on Joel to pray a beautiful prayer, to see Joel reach out and grasp the arm of his beloved Pappy. Joel is a fourth generation preacher and he has been quick to seek counsel from his elders. God blessed Joel with the most beautiful, elegant, humble, talented, sweet wife. Aisha is her name.
Pictured here are my four favorite preachers: Andrew, my youngest who is planting a church in LaMesa, Ca., Joel, Jerry and Steve.
Joel has been elected pastor of a church in Carson City, Nevada. Today, from San Diego, with their three beautiful boys, they will drive to their place of ministry. Please pray for this couple–indeed for all God’s ministers around the world.
More comments and pictures of the ordination service are here.