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Amazon Power Shopping and a Cruise

I’m almost of the mind to post the entire article here, for I’m afraid you won’t go over and read the whole thing. This morning I stumbled across this intriguing article that lists all these neat ways to shop at Amazon and related places. I hadn’t even heard of most of these services. Some of them are just for the sake of convenience; others, though, appear to be real money-saving opportunities.

Okay, with gas prices now well over $4.00 a gallon, and with our propensity to drive a lot (actually for some of us it is necessity–we just don’t have a choice), we must find a find to compensate for all that money we’re hosing into our gasoline tanks. Maybe some of these online shopping deals will help us. If in the next few weeks, you find you’re saving an enormous amount of money because of the timely info you’ve found on my neat blog, and your tender conscience says, “You should share some of that money with Shirley…let me know, send the money, and we’ll set up a fund for something…I don’t know…maybe a cruise fund. Then when one of my readers is quite stressed, or just feeling lazy, or has a special birthday or anniversary, you can apply for a grant from my special fund. (I’m getting inspired about this as I write!) Ist rule: I’m completely in charge, make all subsequent rules, and may just use the money that floods in to take cruises myself. Been thinking I’d like to do that sometime soon.

Top 10 Amazon Power Shopper Tools

Anyway, check out this link and let me know what you think. I’m whetting your appetite by listing number 8.

8. Browse the deep discount bin at JungleCrazy

junglecrazy.jpgJungleCrazy shows only items at Amazon that are at least 70 percent discounted (from original retail price), making it a great place to browse (and search) if you just know you can get a certain item cheaper than you’re finding it. The site’s RSS feed dishes up the popular hits, so you can quickly scan to see if that 2 GB USB key drive can be had for a lot less. (Original post)

You won’t believe the bargains at JungleCrazy. Even have an amazing 1 cent bin.

“Step right this way, ladies and gentlemen,” she says.

Can’t wait to hear how much money you’ll be saving as you happily shop. Can’t wait to see how rapidly our special cruise fund will multiply because I know you will immediately start spending–thus saving–and since you, my readers, are known for your tender and true consciences, you will share a chunk of your saved money with me, the dear one who helped you find such bargains. If ever there was a win-win situation–this is it.

It just occurred to me that President Bush surely will love me when he hears of my economic contribution, and in a circular way will be contributing to our cruise fund. Got your rebate yet? Recall, we’re not to save that money–we’re to spend it. Get the old economy roaring back.

Cheers to your discount shopping and to my cruising!


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