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Eighty-Year-Old Mountain Lion Shooter

“Mountain Lion in Crestline. See Breaking News.”

Rimoftheworld carries San Bernardino mountain news, and because we maintain our home in Crestline, I often read some of its material. Last week I saw where a mountain lion or two has been sighted prowling around our mountains. This morning I’m reading about an 80 year old lady from South Dakota, whose territory was also invaded by a mountain lion. Well, she did what she had to do. Shot and killed the critter.

And he was a spittin’ and a growlin’,” said Smith. “All I saw was flashing eyes and teeth. And I knew I was gonna have to kill him if I could.”

Smith, who lives alone, said she’d like to have the lion mounted, but doubts the state Department of Game, Fish & Parks will return the carcass to her.

Hmm…Think I should go by Lake Havasu WalMart and pick up a gun before heading into the mountains today?


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