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Our Love Story

Sometime back either on facebook or on one of my blogs, someone asked me to tell our love story–Jerry’s and mine–and a few days ago she reminded me of that for I had promised to do so. This is the perfect time: Valentine’s Day 2013.

I had graduated from high school and just turned 17 when I packed up my things at home in Springfield, MO. and was driven to Apostolic College, a bible school in Tulsa, OK. I had always attended small to moderate-sized churches, so when I arrived at that great school that was a ministry of a dynamic, unusual church pastored by Brother C. P. Williams, and in addition lived on campus in the girl’s dorm, it was so wonderful I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

The stars were aligned, romance for me was in the making, for Jerry was already a student there. He had enrolled the year prior after already graduating with a BA degree with Northwestern State College in Natchitoches, LA. The first time I recall seeing him was in the basement of the church where we had prayer meetings before services started. Someone had received the Holy Ghost and he was dancing as he stood atop two opened folding chairs. He was already a leader among the student body, spoke in some of the services and led in worship. I was a peon from Mo. Somewhat later, someone said to him, “I know someone who has her eyes on you.”

He dismissed the news.”Aw, she’s just a kid.” I must have been a pretty effective kid, though, for soon it was obvious the attraction was mutual. Strict rules were in effect concerning dating, one of which was that a new student could not have a date during the first semester there. We were with each other in the dining room, snack bars, chapel services, other church and school activities, until after the first semester when I could have a date. All dates, though, were chaperoned, and everyone was eager to pick certain chaperones–those who weren’t too strict or too “eagle-eyed.”

I don’t often have extra-sensory, unique things happen to me, but once during this time, I walked into a room where Jerry was–don’t recall exactly the room–and a kind of knowing came over me, and I knew I would marry him. Strange. I didn’t tell anyone–didn’t even tell Jerry until years later that had happened to me. We didn’t have many actual dates, for Jerry left before the end of the school year to go evangelizing. We communicated extensively by letter.

…and then came the day at Swan Lake when he had come back to Tulsa. We were in the back seat of a car, chaperones were in the front, and he asked me to marry him. I said yes. I don’t remember saying it, but Jerry says I answered, “You knew the answer before you ever asked.” 🙂

Flowers at the Edge

We were married in a preacher’s home a few weeks later: June 27th, 1956. We had a two-day honeymoon traveling by car to our first revival in Russellville, Ky.

In the summer of 2011, just after we had celebrated our 55th anniversary, we revisited Swan Lake in Tulsa. Click on either of these pictures to see many more pictures.

55 Years Later

A few days ago as we drove over to Lake Arrowhead, we stopped to admire the scenery and I snapped this picture of my beloved. Lucky, aren’t I.

untitled (16 of 26)

(Did I tell you that once in the snack bar, he kissed me! A terrible thing!)

Update: 2/14 12:18 pm Jerry just read this and reminded me he did not kiss me in the snack bar. It was in the ping pong room! 🙂


What about you? Today is Valentine’s Day. Let’s hear your story.

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Of Laundry, Love and Jerry

Red Rose, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Yesterday I did laundry. Jerry carried the sorted loads to the car, from the shed took out the carrier where we keep the detergent, beach and softening strips, unloaded the clothes at the laundry room, then went to the office to buy a roll of quarters for I didn’t have enough and the coin machine was not working.

He said good-bye and left the room. He would run an errand while I finished the laundry, then would return and help me load it all into the car.

It took him forever, and as I was folding the last few pieces, I had decided to just leave the now clean clothes in DJs laundry and walk back to the motor home instead of carrying them up DJ’s street. Then after Jerry returned with the car, we could go back for the clothes. Just then, though, as I was mentally finishing my plans, Jerry walked through the door, telling me how he had been delayed..and so on.

We drove to the motor home, I carried a small load in my hand, and as I walked through the doorway, I smelled them. There were flowers in our motor home. There it was…a large, beautiful arrangement. Jerry grinned…and I understood the delay in the laundry room. My honey had bought flowers to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Taken in a place with no name (See more photos here)

Wish you could see them and catch their scent. They’re beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jerry. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody.


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Music for Valentine’s Day

A well-known classical piece of music is that called Moonlight Sonata. The actual name of the composition is Sonta in C sharp minor, Op. 27 No. 2. I bring it to you today for three reasons:

1. It is a work of art of the highest degree.

2. This particular recording is accompanied by stunning images of the moon.

3. Composed by Beethoven, the music was dedicated to his pupil, Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, with whom he fell in love….perfect music for this day–Valentine’s Day


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Valentine is His Name, of Course

Valentines piglet

When the little piglet was born a couple of weeks ago, on the spot, he was christened Valentine. What else could he be called? One of a litter of seven, born at Byford’s Farm in England, Valentine’s bristly white hair was interspersed with black hearts all over his baby piggy body. It was as though he had been stamped with a huge heart stamp, and sent along especially for Valentine’s Day.

Farmer Eric Freeman, 75 – a founding member of the Gloucester Old Spot Pig Breeders’ Club – said Valentine’s mother Mandi Lou has already got used to her piglet stealing the show.

More here.

Piggy and I wish you a happy, loving Valentine’s Day. 🙂


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To How Much Privacy Are Elected Officials and Candidates Entitled?



Picture from ABC News

Our cultural landscape is well-planted with concerns of personal privacy, concerns that range through wide-spread areas; airport body and luggage checks, telephone lines, and medical and financial records to name a few. Routinely are heard outcries of government interference and meddling to a degree that is objectionable in these and other areas of our lives. In light of this, and of other considerations, including our impending Presidential election, it seems prudent to raise the issue of how much privacy elected officials should expect to maintain. How open should be the lives of those who aspire to public office? Is their business our business? How much of it, and why? Does the personal life of the President have any bearing on his performance in the White House? In all areas? In some? Which ones?

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Called The Most Amazing Waterfall In The World

I recall vividly when Jerry and I and friends of ours visited Niagara Falls. We stood there, stunned at its beauty and at the sheer volume of flowing water. Niagara Falls should be quite a popular place today—Valentine’s Day—for great numbers of honeymooners and other lovers visit there.

Whether or not you have been to Niagara, you must see the video of these falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil. This is incredibly beautiful.

The Most Amazing Waterfall In The World

The power of nature is truly magnificent! Enjoy this stunning video footage of one of the largest waterfall in the world. The waterfall Iguassu forms a natural border for Argentina and Brazil, and consists of about 275 waterfalls….

This photographer did a wonderful job capturing the beauty of the Iguassu Waterfalls!
Simply click the picture to enlarge. See the amazing video here. Cataratas do Iguaçu Brasil
Iguassu waterfall with rainbow

I wonder how many young men will stand in such beautiful sites today and propose to his beloved. Congratulations and best wishes to all who do.


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