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Saturday Shopping in Chula Vista

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Saturday Shopping in Chula Vista II

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The U. K. Reports on Outer Space Creatures

The British Defense Specialists claim in an official report that Earth has never been visited by Alien Life Forms.


I believe I was a teen-ager when it was popular to print stories in the Sunday supplement magazines of persons who had been captured by aliens from outer-space. Seems as though a bright light would stab onto a car, making it immobile, then the space creatures would take the people into the ship, perform tests and experiments, and release them. Of course I was intrigued by these mysterious accounts, and I remember thinking of these things when our family traveled on lonely roads. On the one hand, I wanted to see a flashing alien ship, its strange looking crew having antenas poking from their heads, but I was apprehensive at the same time.

Not to worry–never seen a purple critter yet.

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Gas Too Pricey? Make Your Own

By filling 15 percent of your car's gas tank with ethanol, you can bring down the price-per-gallon from $3 to about $2.40…(In our neck of the woods, gas is bumping $3.50!) Of course, if you don't add the ingredient that makes ethanol unfit for human consumption, you would find yourself with something else: 190 proof moonshine.

Take note of that last sentence: Don't want anybody staggering around, getting arrested, and pointing to my blog. 🙂

Have a blessed Sabbath…walk straight.

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Amazing photographs of rainbow

I thought I'd seen my share of amazing rainbow photographs until I saw this one.

Majestic and unspeakably grand, the rainbow is at once a source of beauty and of mystery. Merely by His Word, or perhaps with a wave of Spirit Hand, God set them.


"This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:

I do set my bow in the cloud…and it shall come to pass…that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:

And I will remember my covenant…and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh."

The Genesis

(Please click on this link to see these spectacular pictures. They load very fast.)

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Of Travel and Arizona

It is been too many days since I wrote for this site, for I have been extremely busy preparing my book–Link to Excellence–to send to the printer. That had to be my priority, and it was, along with preparation for the marriage seminars Jerry and I would be teaching in Phoenix, Arizona. We are in Phoenix now in the Crown Plaza Hotel and the seminars are behind us. We each taught two sessions on Friday evening, and one each on Saturday. Jerry will preach in both services today at Christ Temple pastored by Gary Hogan, tomorrow morning we will drive to Lake Havasu to visit Mike, then home on Tuesday.

At my last post, I had promised to write the next day concerning emotional reactions to being alone at our house in Crestline during that massive snowstorm. I will write about that today, although this is a strange place to be writing about snow, I will assure you. The exterior of this hotel is painted with what are commonly referred to as "southwest" colors, cactus plants anchor the landscaping theme, and our thermomenter in our car registered 80 degrees on our arrival date.

Sunday, March 26th
I can't seem to stay up with this blog as there are so many other things vying for my attention.

In Phoenix last Sunday, a weather system moved in and when we left the hotel to go to our car, the temperature was 44 degrees. I was freezing as I had not taken warm clothes to Phoenix.

Services were great on Sunday; as usual, we enjoyed being with our friends the Hogans tremendously.

On Monday, we drove to Lake Havasu to visit with Mike and Mel. They cooked a memorable meal, a prime rib cooked for an hour, then the oven turned off, and just before meal time, cooked another hour or so, I believe. It was scrumptious. I think it is accurate to refer to Melina as a gourmet cook, and she is always trying new things. Not me, I stick with the (probably tired) "tried and true". It's always fascinating to see what we will eat when we are at Mike and Mel's. They both cook; Mike does lots of grilling–in fact, he cooked the vegetables to go with the prime rib on a cooker outside.

Early Tuesday, we headed for home, for more challenging weather was predicted and we wanted to be there before dark. Again, massive snow faced us as we approached our driveway–probably 6 to 8 inches fell while we were in Arizona. Jerry reved up the faithful Jeep Cherokee, we slipped around a little bit as the tires dug into our upward sloping driveway, then we were at the top…and into the garage.